Devotee Experience – Sunil Kale (My Maternal Uncle)

With Sai Baba‘s grace, I have been posting devotees and my experiences of Sai Baba. We all are getting those experiences because we believe in Him and are His Bhaktas. But Sai Baba even makes those people Hisdevotees who dont believe in Him. The following incident makes this more clear. My maternal uncle, aged 50 years, was a non believer in God. He never prayed or worshipped any God nor did he went to any temple. But now he is a staunch devoteeof Sai Baba. This happened only a few months back. My cousin i.e. my uncle’s son is doing MCA. Being a student with commerce background he is finding it a bit difficult though he is very good at computer applications. He got ATKT in first semester in one subject.

My uncle was worried and he called up my mother for some solution in the sense that my cousin was working very hard but not getting the desired results. My mother being a Sai devotee, just asked my aunty to observe a fast of Sai Baba for 9 Thursdays and go to Sai Mandir. She readily accepted and started the observing the fast. Baba was behind them and so He gave answer to my aunty’sprayer and devotion before 9 Thursdays were over. My cousin was ableto solve ATKT. This incident made my uncle believe in Baba. Now he wants to go to Shirdi (as he has never been before). He goes to Sai Mandir every Thursday. Even every Wednesday he brings coconut, pedha prasad, flowers and incense sticks for offering to Baba on Thursday.
Thus Baba is kind and lovable to those who believe Him, but he is more kind and lovable to those who dont believe in Him.

Read in Hindi: बाबा की कृपा से परीक्षा में पास

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  1. Absolutely right!

    Baba entered in my life when I was simply Blank.. he has got the most loving heart in this entire universe!:)

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