The following is experience of a Sai Devotee which I would like to share with all of you. It is very well known that Saiji loves and cares for his devotees and is always by their side in good and bad times. But everyone has to bear the bad fruits of their karma. The following incident makes both the points clear.

One of my family friend and staunch devotee of Saiji lost her female child who was only one year old. The daughter was at her grandfather’ s place with her mother and she accidentally drank kerosene and died. The devotee mother stopped eating and drinking and she was in deep grief. She was very angry with Saiji that He had taken away her child. Due to this incident she decided not to worship Sai Baba anymore. She thought she had not hurt anyone or did not harm anyone then why this calamity befall on her while Sai Baba was with her always. After three days, a Fakir came at her father’s place and showed his wish to talk to her. Firstly her brother told him that she doesn’twant to meet anybody but he insisted to meet her. Hearing the sound from outside she came out and the Fakir consoled her saying that she would be gifted a child within a year from the day and that too a boy.Within a year she was gifted with a baby boy. But she and her family were desirous of a girl and Saiji gifted her female child. To the amazement of all the baby girl looks exactly like the one died earlier. It is very clear that the Fakir who visited the devotee and met her and consoled her was none other than Sai Baba and she got her child back in this way.

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  1. Great experience!!!I had goose bumps reading this experience.Kindly be protecting all your children always and in every circumstances.JAI SAI RAM!!!

    • Dear Baba – we know that you have various reasons for moving even a leaf but pls give us the strength to cross the difficult phase

      Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

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