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Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings - Experiences Part 3166


Shirdi Sai Baba's Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Sai’s Leela

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am one of the Sai devotees from India. Sai is the Saviour my life.

Om Sairam! First of all, thank you to the people who maintain this site. Baba's two principles are Faith and Patience. As human beings sometimes we could not follow that due to hectic problems, our faith or confidence was getting reduced. At that time, this site actually helped. By reading the Sai leelas it actually boosted our confidence. I felt Baba is the one Who tests our faith sometimes and also helps us to get it back and finally solves our problems.

Coming to my experience. I have been working in MNC for around 10 years. From the year I started my career, I used to do my job properly. If something is assigned to me, until I finish that, my mind keeps on thinking about that. I am more dedicated to work. Even though I did my work properly, I did not get the proper recognition. There was a time I cried to Baba as well. But later I could pacify myself thinking that Baba knows when to give and what to give.

Last year I was actually in a hectic project and working hours were more than usual. I worked on Weekends. I did my job properly and was appreciated by the clients; again while coming to rating they did not give proper rating and gave so many other reasons. I was totally dissatisfied, demotivated and fed-up to continue my work in that organization. I doubted myself like am I really not working properly and I cried to Baba, “If You feel that I did my job well and truly deserve it then get me a good job in two months.”

Days moved on. I sometimes thought about my prayer and started searching online for Baba's reply. Almost every time He used to say, “You will get more good things.” What He says happened at the end of the second month. You know, He miraculously got me a good job.

Few months back I attended one interview, got selected but unfortunately they said that currently they could not recruit me due to some policies, so they would let me know in future. I thought they would not call and that was the end of that. It is actually a very good company and I did not worry much for that. I felt like Baba knows what to give and when to give. But that company mailed me at the end of the second month, that they were ready to recruit then. It was unbelievable when I read that mail.

I am very grateful to Baba. I don't know how to express my happiness. He is the One Who could do things like that. When we find something, He actually moves that out of our vision. When we do not even think about that, He will give that to us and bring us to extreme happiness. This is not the only one experience I had so far, Baba played so many leelas in my life. On Behalf of all Sai devotees, I pray Baba to please bless us, be with us and save this world from Covid.

Baba's Leela

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Namaste Hetalji, Team members and Dear Devotees. I wish to share some more leelas of Babaji.

1) I came across a lot of experiences regarding 5 days of Sai Divya Pooja. I too wished to do so but I didn't have five lamps and also so many flowers were not available with me. Then I felt that Baba values our "Bhava" or "Bhakti" more than anything and hence decided to do this 5 week Pooja in my own way. Babaji knows how poor I am when it comes to performing rituals properly. I did Pooja only because I wanted to feel more connected to Baba and pray for everyone. So I did Pooja for 5 weeks. Every Thursday I used to light a single lamp, two incense sticks, offer two fresh flowers (any available flower, one for Babaji and one for other God/Godesses), offer little prasad (usually four Badam pieces), offered a glass of water to Hanumanji, recited Sai Baba Aarti and 108 names of Sai Babaji. That's it. This is the ritual that I followed for five weeks and believe me dear devotees, I gained mental peace from this. Although I didn't do it for any personal wish, Babaji still blessed me with His grace. I wish Babaji forgives me for any mistakes or blunders if done during the Pooja. I wished to share this procedure with the Sai family. Om Sairam.

2) With Babaji's blessings my mother got the slot for vaccination in a nearby centre and got vaccinated. With slight pain and heaviness in arm and headache she was alright. Thank You Babaji for looking after my mother. Om Sairam.

3) I was playing an old game on my phone and was not able to cross one level so I took Babaji's name and I crossed the level successfully. Om Sairam.

4) For a few days I was not able to sleep at night. I used to be awake till 2 pm which was causing a lot of disturbance and moodiness. I knew Udi could cure me yet I didn't take it due to laziness. I daily read one chapter from Sai Satcharitra sequentially and coincidentally that day I got the chapter where Baba cured insomnia of a person through Udi. I understood and that day I applied Udi on my forehead, needless to say my sleep issues vanished. Thank You Babaji for Your Blessings. Om Sairam.

There are still many experiences which I am not able to recall, but Babaji has always protected me numerous times. Babaji please bless each and everyone with Your Love, protection and guidance. Om Sairam.

Seeking Baba's Help

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am Baba's daughter. I want to be anonymous. Baba, sending this prayer request for my daughter who is applying to medical school.

My daughter was a brilliant student and has worked very hard both in middle school and high school. She went to one of the top schools in the world for undergrad. But it was here she lost everything; her grades, her confidence and her self-respect. She went through a lot of anxiety. Baba helped her to come out of all this. Now she too loves Baba and depends on Him.

My daughter is applying to medical school this year but her GPA is very low. She has been struggling to write her personal statement which has to be exceptional to make up her low GPA. Baba, sending this prayer request to help her cross all the hurdles in getting a seat in the MD PHD program in the school which You had told me in the dream. Right now it seems impossible Baba. I have faith in You Baba. Please help Baba! Please help her in getting her application ready for submission. Her personal statement is not ready yet. She needs this for her recommendations. Her dance teacher never responded. I keep all her problems at Your lotus feet Baba.

Another prayer request for my son who is in medical school. Baba despite being a brilliant student You know what all happened in his life. It has been more than two years since he got rejected from his dream school. Still You have always given me hints that he will go back there. I have left it up to You Baba. Right now I beg You to find a good research project for his Ph.D. Baba so that he can finish his MD PHD program in time. Also Baba, he really liked a girl but that girl is married to someone else. My son was sad about that too. Maybe that girl was never meant for him. Please find a good life partner for him Baba so that marriage can take place soon Baba. I love You Baba. I keep all my problems at Your feet Baba. Om Sairam!

Website Started Working

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Baba from childhood, I have experienced Baba’s leelas many times.

I had paid a lot of money and enrolled myself for an online course. Suddenly one day I lost access to the website. Me and my husband tried many ways, contacted the admins also, but nothing worked for two days. On the third morning when I got up I chanted Sai Baba108 Namavali as usual and thought in my mind that if I got access then I would immediately share my experience. When I opened the website it was working.

Baba, please help me to continue my course without any problems in future. Please save the world from this ongoing Corona mahamari(pandemic). Thank You so much Baba for Your blessings which You shower on each of us.

Baba's Blessing

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Vanitha from India says: I am posting on behalf of one devotee who sincerely wrote it to me (Class Teacher Vanitha Balsubramanian). It was originally In Malayalam.

Om Sai Ram! I am Sarita from Kerala. I came to know about Baba from Chandrika Aunty in Mysore. Chandrika is the wife of my friend Sridevi Çhechi's uncle. I have been a devotee of Baba for over a year. With the blessings of Baba, my life is going well. My two children have made good progress in education. They too are devotees of Baba. Baba fulfilled my baby daughter's wish for a gift at the school assembly. They are getting Baba's blessing. With Baba's blessing, my long-held desire to buy a car was fulfilled. When Chandrika Aunty came to Mysore, she had worn the ring with the picture of Baba given to her. On Thursdays I go to Baba's temple in Thevara, Kochi. With Baba's blessing, my family has increased happiness, peace and harmony. May Baba bless Chandrika who brought us to Baba and his family. My good wishes only. May Baba bless everyone.

Thank You Sai Baba

Sai Baba Answers | Shirdi Sai Baba Grace Blessings | Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela | Sai Baba's Help | Real Experiences of Shirdi Sai Baba | Sai Baba Quotes | Sai Baba Pictures |
Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sairam to all Sai Baba devotees. Thank You so much Sai Baba for Your help. I prayed that I would post this experience if everything was good and Sai Baba helped me. Thank You so much. Om Sairam.

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