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Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings - Experiences Part 2917


Shirdi Sai Baba's Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Job Opportunity

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Samita Panda from India says: Om Sairam! My name is Samita and I would like to share my experience about how due to the pandemic I lost my job and Baba helped me to get the one which was the best suitable for me.

I am staying with my husband and son in Dubai. I lost my job due to the pandemic. Baba has been in my life since 2011. When I lost my job I was in very much stress as to survive it was difficult. I got few opportunities during April in Saudi and Qatar but due to travel restrictions could not join. And without a job to pay house rent and schooling a big amount and everything was going from savings. Like this few months went.

Then I met my best friend from whom I learned to eqwaew. She is a devotee of Baba and when I met her it came to my mind to do 9 Thursday vrat and with her guidance I did it. The next week she also sent me a link to join Global Mahaparayan. Then the miracle started happening. Every Thursday Baba gave me a new hope either it was a call for a job interview or some other things.

One Thursday I got a call from my old company who made me feel redundant that there was an opportunity but not at the same level. I told the HR that I was ok with it. Then the next week the General Manager wanted to meet me so I went and met him. He told me if I joined then I have to commit a minimum of 1 year before I looked for any other opportunity and I agreed to that. Then he told me that he would think about the package and get back to me.

After a few days the GM called me back and told me that the position would be very junior for me as I used to be department head. And he asked me if he could help me in any other way. So at the same time I asked him if he could keep my visa for some more months and he agreed to that. See Baba’s magic! The position was junior from the beginning then why did they call me in first place. But Baba played this game to keep my visa, so that I don’t spend money on that. The next week I got a message from the General Manager of Saudi hotel which I was supposed to join. He told me he was in Dubai and would like to meet me. So again it was a Thursday when I went to meet him. And he told me that as they were committed to me they were still waiting for me and once he went back to Saudi he would try for a business visa so that I could go and join.

Baba had always given me a hope that at least I have a job in my hand and only the joining was getting delayed. Then a few more interview calls came in between although they were not successful for a few reasons. And now it was the last Thursday when I had to do udyapan for my vrat. So I completed that. Then the next week I was reading Sai Satcharitra when I received a call from the HR where I had given an interview; saying that I was shortlisted for the next round. I was so happy and it was purely Baba’s grace. She told me that she would call me back as I need to go for the second round. And then on Thursday when I was reading Sai Satcharitra again I received a call from the HR saying that they wanted to offer me the job! There was no 2nd round. I was so overwhelmed and the tears were not stoppable as I was looking at Baba and could feel the magic that He had created. So after I completed my vrat the next Thursday I had a job in my hand. This was a miracle! And what He gives us that is the best that also He proved.

Baba knows I always worked in International brands and I always wanted to work in International brands; though looking at the scenario I was ready to compromise but He took care of it and I got an offer from one of the biggest International hotel chains. What more I could ask for? I didn’t have to go to another country leaving my family here; I didn’t have to sacrifice my job role. He gave me the best. Thank You Baba and Love You so much!

Sai Thank You For Everything

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from New Zealand says: Om Sairam. This platform has given me immense strength all because of our beloved Sai and the team. Om Sairam.

Coming to my experience, my in-laws visited us this year and due to Covid they couldn't go back. My father-in-law's mother is back in India and is waiting for his son as she is staying in one of our relative’s places. She never stayed in a relative's place for so long. Till now everything was going ok. But my husband's cousin where our grandmother is staying started calling us and told us that he has some situation which came up because he couldn’t take care of our grandmother and that he was asking our in-laws to come back as early as possible. But due to some reasons they had to stay back there for some more time.

My father-in-law over thinks a lot and due to this situation he had sleepless nights. I had complete trust in Sai that He will give us some solution as He is the One Who started this leela to test our faith and patience. I was continuously praying to Sai. This situation started long back and recently they were putting a lot of pressure saying that they would would our grandmother in an old age home. She is very old and we were really worried about how the situation could be controlled. But why fear when our Sai is there to protect and guide us. I left everything to Sai.

Today was the testing phase in our life. I was continuously praying to Sai. My husband after sometime came home and told me that his cousin agreed to take care of our grandmother for some more time. That was really a miracle done by our Sai.

Sai, You know what and how our future is going to be but still to test us You give us the toughest of the toughest situation and then will sort out so smoothly that we could ever imagine. Thank You so much Sai. I blindly trust You. Sai give strength to everyone. I know You are protecting us every second. I have complete faith in You Sai.

Sai, one of my husband's colleague’s partner is in hospital with brain damage. They have two young kids. Sai, please save her husband from this situation. Sai You know about everything. Sai, help them and give their family strength during this toughest phase in their life. Sai, make him recover and come back to normal life. Om Sairam.

Om Sainathaya Namaha
Om Sai Rakshaka Sharanam
Om Sai Arogyakshemadhaya Namaha.

Baba's Krupa

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Om Sairam. I am from the USA. I would like to share an experience how Baba provided help during my father's operation. My father had been suffering from Trigeminal nerve pain for the past few years. He had severe pain in left side of the face and it was unbearable. He tried different types of medicines but he got side effects like rashes and burning sensation in mouth. In Spite of trying homeopathy and Siddha Vidhyam he didn't get relief. He decided to go for surgery.

I prayed Baba to please stay with my father throughout the operation until he was discharged from the hospital. On the day of operation suddenly the hospital staff said that they might postpone the operation because of an emergency case. But Baba gave me assurance that everything goes well by arranging surgery on the same day and also helped in successful completion of the surgery. During this Coronavirus time by Baba's grace my father was safely discharged from the hospital on Thursday after 3 days. As I was in the USA I was not able to go there but Baba provided timely help by arranging my brother's travel to India and also my sister's presence there to help my mother during the operation. Now my father is recovering and I am sure Baba will completely cure his pains and make him healthy.

Thank You Baba by giving me strength to stay calm during this time and also curing my sister-in-law’s cough. Please guide us all the time and save people from Coronavirus. Om Sri Sai Arogya Kshemadaya Namaha. Om Sai Rakshak Saranam.

Found Lost Keys With Sai's Help

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from India and live with my husband and daughter. Our family had gone to Bangalore to visit my Mama. We had given our extra house keys to our neighbours before leaving. When we returned home they returned our keys after a few days.

As I was in an office meeting I didn't actually see the keys and kept them in the drawer. After many days I started looking for the extra keys and was not able to find them anywhere. I searched everywhere in the house but couldn't find it.

I searched for many days but couldn't find it. I was really worried and prayed to Sai that if the keys were found, I would post the incident. Still for many days I couldn't find the keys and thought why Sai was not helping me. I also asked my neighbours if the keys were with them but they said that they had already returned. But then suddenly my neighbours called one day and showed me a set of keys and asked if it was ours. I was really amazed to see our keys and thanked Sai from my heart. Actually when they had returned the keys earlier, they had returned wrong keys and I had just kept without seeing as I was in a meeting. I found my keys with Sai's help. He is always there to help. Om Sairam.

My Prayers Have Been Answered

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Faith in Sai is in my every breath. I was deeply hurt when my immigration Visa to the USA got cancelled due to lockdown. As I was away from my husband for 11 months and was staying with my parents and was about to attend my interview after a long period of non stop praying to Sai, I was devastated when my appointment got cancelled. I didn’t stop praying, reading Satcharitra and aarti, did some charity then again after 7 months I got my interview date. Circumstances didn’t let me attend for the 2nd, 3rd time. Also, I had to face so many challenges but I didn’t give up on faith. Then finally Sai showered His blessing and rewarded me by my Visa Approval. Sai’s promise can never be broken, but we should have firm faith. Sai Sai Sai.

Baba's Grace On My Son

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My son had to appear for a Maths certification exam and he was not ready to practise or study. I tried to force him but he would cry. I knew he knows the concepts and can do well but still I was worried as he never studied or practiced for it. With Baba’s grace he passed with distinction and scored 99/100. I was very happy and I know Baba takes care of him and he secured the success with His grace only. Baba please invite us to Shirdi soon. Thank You Baba. Jai Sairam!

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