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My Experience - Anonymous Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

I wish to keep my name anonymous. Please do not publish my matter if discretion cannot be maintained.

Miracle 1: I belong to a middle class family consisting of a Father, mother, a sister and a brother. My remembrance of Sai Baba in my early childhood was the photo frame of bearded person, along with many other photos of Gods and Goddesses. Even that photo which was given for putting a new frame never came back to us as the photo proved lucky to the person who was repairing it. My father was generous enough to ask him to keep it. My query, as to who was that bearded person to my mother was explained to me. It is as follows.

My father was suffering from Fistula (a painful condition in the lower excretionary system). Due to the advanced state of infection he was advised on immediate hospitalization. A surgery was to be conducted as soon as possible. The surgeon was a very busy man and his appointment for surgery was only after 3 days. My Father’s office colleague who had come to visit him told him of a Saint named Shirdi Saibaba, who was the most merciful and helpful in cases of distress.

My father started praying fervently almost immediately as the pain was getting unbearable. He started chanting Sai, Sai. He had a vision of Sai Baba asking him not to worry as He would help him. The Surgeon paid an untimely visit at midnight to check and asked the staff to get the patient (my father) the very next day morning. By now the pain had subsided and my father realized that it was because of Sai Baba. A miracle could be the only explanation for all this. After his surgery, he went to Shirdi and prostrated in front of the Samadhi Mandir and he bought home this photo of Sai Baba. Thus Sai Baba became one of our very own since then.

Miracle 2:I belong to a middle class family consisting of a Father, mother, a sister and a brother. Being the youngest son in the family, I was always kept out of the serious matters. I consider it our bad time and foolishness that my family lost sight of Sai Baba after His photo was taken away. My family went through a lot of bad experiences. My mother always prayed to all our household deities. A lot of calamities that otherwise would have befallen were averted. My elder brother was a black sheep in my family. All this happened almost immediately after I was born (my brother is 12 years older to me). I always would feel myself responsible in some way. I would see my parents worried and crying for all the wrong things that my brother did. Although very good by nature, it seemed out of his control that he would fall into some problem or the other. It was as if he never wished, but these things overtook him. He used to work for a Diamond merchant and was sometimes into trading on behalf of his employer. He had got this job as a result of my Dad’s good reputation and clean image. It was during those days that my father called up my mother from office to inform that my brother had taken a very costly diamond set to be delivered to a client and he was 3 hours late. The employer was unhappy and had indirectly threatened to go to the police.

My mother and father were shattered as he was untraceable. My mother immediately prayed to Sai Baba asking for His help. After a few hours the employer called my father apologetically saying that the diamond set was delivered and the delay was due to some justifiable reason. All of us consider this as a miracle of Sai Baba who took care of the whole family and gave my brother the good thought of doing the right thing. OM SAI SHRI SAI JAI JAI SAI.

Miracle 3: I belong to a middle class family consisting of a Father, mother, a sister and a brother. I am the youngest son in the family, and an introvert by nature. Also, I am laden with inferiority complex. I am happy that over a period of time and especially Sai Baba’s influence has helped me in all my achievements in life. I was in my final year of graduation and was smitten with love over a girl in my locality. I knew her to be the daughter of a family acquaintance. Our family, due to bad times, was not known to have the best of reputation. Although there was enough encouragement from the girl, I could never get the confidence to even take the first step of getting introduced formally. It was a no brainer to understand that the relationship would never have happened. Also it would have put a lot of pressure on my already pressurized family. Although, I was sure that I should let it go, I was not able to do the same.

I was already a failure in my studies and my career was in total mess. My parents decided to send me abroad. In spite of being far away and the thought being illogical, I was not able to concentrate on anything other than this girl. It was at this time that I used to fervently pray to Sai Baba to solve this issue. Sai Baba, true to His word helped. In a unique way though, I had a vision. The angelic face of my beloved was very clearly seen by me in the early hours of the morning. We were talking very pleasantly. This would have lasted for quite some time. I woke up feeling extremely happy and without the slightest hangover of a sleep. I woke up and immediately thanked Sai Baba for this wonderful vision. Post this vision, I was completely over awed and felt I had achieved my goal. It was then very easy for me to let go of the feelings for this girl. I thanked Sai Baba almost every day for the way He resolved my issue.

Sometimes I wonder, if the vision of a mere human being can be so great, how good would it be to have Sai Baba come in our vision. I pray every day to Him at night and am sure He will satisfy me in some way. OM SAI SHRI SAI JAI JAI SAI.

Miracle 4: I belong to a middle class family. Due to bad times, my family suffered too much, as I remember in my childhood. Sai Baba has blessed me in many ways and helped me in almost every sphere of my life. Elsewhere I have already mentioned how my elder brother had brought ill fame and name, due to his wrong doings, to my family, though unintentionally.

This experience of mine was an eye opener to guide me in the correct path and not do anything wrong. I was at that time working abroad away from my family. Being quite attached, I used to miss them. Even long phone calls could not fill the void. I was separated from both my family and friends and in a foreign land. Also I was not able to make any new friends. This was true for my colleagues working in the same office. All of us would use the company trunk services to make calls. The Payroll department would deduct the telephone charges every month. One of my colleagues had got a new placement and was leaving the office. I heard him sharing some information with my other colleague. I got curious, and they told me that they have access to the software billing program, which was under our custody. We could rig the billing system and our calls would be borne by the company.

I became interested and asked them if I could be a part of it. This went on for some time and now my colleague shared me the way to do it as he also was leaving for better prospects. I continued rigging the system all by myself. After some months, my Manager called me and my supervisor to discuss something. I got the shock of my life when he told me that there was an audit on the Billing system and many irregularities have been found. He gave us a 15 page billing summary with highlights on some numbers. He asked us to investigate. Based on our investigation they would dig for previous months and year irregularities. I was already shivering and I got a shock when I saw that some highlighted figures were my home country number. My supervisor was very cool and he gave me the report to investigate and get back to him the next day as only 1 hour was left for the day.

I excused myself on the pretext of not keeping well and went home immediately. I rushed to my temple room and I fell at Sai Baba’s photo tears in my eyes and shivering from head to foot. I requested Him to get me out of this mess, as this would not only forfeit my service benefits of 6 years, It would also give me and my entire department (consisting of many Indians) a very bad reputation. The entire night, I wept, praying fervently to Sai Baba. I also promised Him that I would never cheat or do anything wrong henceforth.

The next day I went to meet my supervisor and manager who were in a internal meeting. They were in a very joyful mood and no mention was made of the billing. I casually asked as to what happened on that front, they replied that the administration has found the billing system to have many loopholes and have decided to scrap it in 6 months. However I was supposed to check and see if any irregularities and report it back to management. I immediately thanked Sai Baba for His miraculous help. I calculated and found out that I had cheated to almost 1 lakh rupees. I wanted to have no part of the money. I could not give it back to the company. Taking Sai’s name I donated that amount of money to a charitable organization. Since then (15 years) I have not cheated on anybody in my life. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba
  1. Nice experiences. Thanks for sharing. Om Sairam.

  2. Nice experience thanks for sharing it

  3. Wonderful experience and even more wonderful is the determination shown. May He continue to shower his blessings on you and all His children.

    Jai Sairam

  4. jai sairam
    wonderful experience.Baba's ways of helping his devotees are unique.

  5. om sai ram happy baba's day to all.i want to share some experience which was happened yesterday.yesterday i had decided to do sai vrat and i asked our baba to give me blessings through baba's answers by baba answered sai baba blessings are with u.have faith and wait.then after my mother asked me to remove cake packet from fridge( which was given to my mother in her office for new year) for distribution to childrens.when i removed the packet i found baba's udi packet in that cake. iwas shocked and i asked my mother is any body presented you baba's udi?she said no nobody had given me udi prasad they distributed cake only i dont know about that udi packet then i realised our saibaba only presented me and blessed me for my vrat.thank you baba please accept my vrat and bless me soon for my marriage sai ram

    1. thats amazing :)
      om sai ram

    2. Om Sai Ram.

      Wow .. you have Baba's blessings already :-)

      May Baba bless everyone like this :)

      Love you my dearest Baba.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    3. You are great to have BABA's blessings.SAIRAM

  6. om sai ram.nice experience.

  7. Nice toil to the charitable trust. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. OM SRI SAI RAM !!!!

    Awesome experience, taught me also a lot through this experiencs....really luved it, never to cheat anyone is the lesson.

    Pranams to the LOTUS FEET OF OUR DEAR SAI.

  9. very nice and well narrated experience....thanks for sharing with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

  10. Very Nice experience. thanks for sharing. Om Sai Ram.

  11. Om Sai Jai Sai. Thank you saiji for everything as you only know what is best for your children.
    Very nice experience.

  12. Awesome Experiences Man!
    Hats Off to u for keeping ur promise of not cheating ever again!!!

    Jai Sai Ram!

  13. nice experience...BABA is always with us...OM SAI RAM...



  16. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  17. Sairam...

    Very nice expereinces and very well drafted. The part that you gave money to the trust is even good.

    Hope Baba blesses you and every living being on this earth.

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  18. om sai ram!

    such a wonderful experience. baba pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  19. Very nice experiences! thank you

  20. Very nice experiences! It is good that you always have Sai Baba with you through all these experiences and good that Baba saved you from that phone billing incident (Baba showed you that what you were doing was wrong, but in the end since He loves you, He helped you out of the jam). Om Sai Ram!

  21. Jai Sai Ram,

    Baba had various ways of teaching people for their mistakes during his life time and even now. Human beings does wrong things in life. Some do it unknowingly and some does it knowingly but the best is when people realize their mistakes and stop it forever.

    Brother, you have done a very good thing and Baba will be very happy.

    Let their be peace, let people live with happiness and none should sleep hungry. Jai Sai Ram!! The King of Kings, the protector of the down trodden, the saviour of the poor, the lord of mercy Shri Shiridi Saisamarth.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba!

  22. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience...Sai Ram

  23. Om sai ram
    Baba mujh per aur mere pariwar per bhi kirpa karo.


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