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Devotee Experience - Anonymous Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

Jai Sairam Hetal Ji, Hope you are doing fine By Sai Babaji's grace. Please publish my experience with Sai Babaji's permission. Please keep my name and email ID anonymous. I am thankful to you. May Baba bless you with His Ever-flowing Grace, Love and Happiness. I am very sorry Babaji for writing a very short experience earlier. Please accept my full experience. I offer it at Your Lotus Feet. Please bless me and my family Baba. Please bless me to write this experience with Your Hands and Memories Only. Om Sairam.

In last week of September 2011, I suddenly started having stomach pains. We went to several doctors and got different tests done, but nothing was found out. But my stomach pain kept increasing with shooting pain. I was given medicines and powders, but nothing worked on my pain. Then we went to urologist, who asked us to do a CT scan, which was done immediately and the report said that a stone of 8 mm was found out in my left kidney. I was totally upset. The doctor told us that this size stone cannot be dissolved with medicines and it could only be removed by a laser operation. I was literally scared by the name of operation. I came back home, sad and upset. This was Wednesday and we went for second opinion and that Doctor also said that operation is required to remove this stone. I was very very scared. But due to Sai Baba’s Leela, on Saturday my operation date was fixed with the first Doctor.

On Friday, I went to the Hospital for pre-anesthesia check up and other tests. Then on Saturday, I went to Sai Baba Mandir in the morning and prayed for my recovery soon. I cried a lot that day that why this happened to me. Then I came home to get ready for the hospital. I was to be empty stomach that day not even water. I was taken to the ward, where I kept my Sai Baba’s photo on my side table and I lied down on the bed there. Doctors came to check my BP and other routine check-ups. Then I was asked to get ready for the laser operation. I changed clothes. By that time, my pain was at the peak level. I was totally empty stomach on the day of my operation since morning. So by this time I was literally crying with pain and taking Baba’s name continuously. Baba, “Mujhe Bacha Lo. Baba Mujhe Bacha Lo” (Please save me). I was continuously saying this to Baba and crying in pain. Then I was taken in a chair from ward to the operation theater. My family was with me and I was reading Sai Baba’s stories and after seeing them and my Baba, I was taken inside the area, where operation was to be performed.

I was asked to wait in a nearby room, where I was sitting quietly and chanting Baba’s name and seeing all the surroundings. Suddenly my pain increased so much that it was unbearable and I was laid down on a bed and I was shouting with pain crying out Baba’s name. The staff was consoling me and then I was taken inside the operation theater. I was so scared to see the whole environment in the operation theater. Then I was laid down on the operation theater table and I saw the clock. It was 12 noon exact. After that the staff told me that your pain will go soon and you will get sleep now. Then they gave me an injection and slowly I lost my consciousness and went to sleep soon. Then I was operated by my Sai Baba I know. My trust and faith is on my Sai Baba that He only removed my stone. When I gradually woke up from my sleep, I saw my Sai Baba’s photo in my front. I was so happy. I said Sai Baba thank You Sai Baba. My family was there looking at me happily and the staff told me that your stone has been removed. I was still in sleep and could understand little. Then gradually I woke up from my sleep and realised I was in post-operation ward, where patients are kept after operation for observation.

Doctor came to see me. He said all is fine and operation was successful and my stone was shown to me. Then I realised on movement that one bag was connected from a tube from my body for passing urine in which blood was also there. I was horrified to see this. Nurse told me that this would be removed the next day. I was thanking Baba that my operation went fine and my stone has been removed. BY SAI BABA’S GRACE, I FELT NO PAIN NOW due to which I was very happy. I thanked Baba profusely for curing me from this pain completely and I remembered to drink lots of water my whole life. I prayed Baba not to make me ill again. After 3-4 hours of observation and my family’s inquiries about me, I was taken back to the ward in a stretcher. I saw my Sai Baba there and felt so happy. I was shifted to my bed in the ward and my family sat beside me. Within some time, I was given juice to drink. I was the happiest child then since I was extremely hungry and thirsty. Then later after 45 minutes, I was given food to eat. I ate the food with great relish. My family looked at me lovingly, when I ate food so happily. I am sure my Baba also smiled at me to see me eating food like this. I thanked Baba so much to be able to eat food.

By Sai Baba’s Grace, I was reacting well to all the post operation requirements. Then in the evening I rested well and later in night, I had dinner and my family and I enjoyed jokes and other things and I laughed and enjoyed that time forgetting all what happened and slept. But in late night, I was having terrible pain. The nurse came on calling bell and gave me medicine and I slept soundly with Babaji’s Grace. In the morning I woke up. I was given breakfast to eat and later I rested. Then the nurse came to remove the bag and tube and I continuously took Baba’s name then. It was removed and I felt much better. I thank You Baba from the bottom of my heart. Then my family started the paper work for discharge and the doctor came and told me that all is fine and asked me to take some medicines and that a stent is inserted in my left kidney which will be removed after a week and till then no running and hopping should be done. All work is done by Baba’s Leela. Then all the discharge formalities were over and I was helped to change my dress and I took my Baba’s name and read His Book a little. I was given a juice to drink and after saying thanks to my Baba and all the staff, we went down and came back home. On the way to home, I thanked Baba, when I saw Baba’s pictures in a temple and I offered my Namaskars in a mosque on the way in my car only. Thank You Baba for bringing me back home safe and sound. Om Sairam. Then I wanted to rest a while and not go to office as I was scared I might run or walk fast. So With Baba’s Grace, I took one week leave and rested well at home. I got the opportunity to get closer to Baba in this time.

Then on next Saturday after one week of my operation, my family and I went for the stent removal. My all other tests reports came normal and so I was happy and thankful to Baba. I was taken in a ward and asked to change. I kept lying on bed after changing clothes and my family and I were reading and listening Baba’s stories and also looking at the scenery outside window. Then on call, we went to the operation theatre again. My family waited outside and I was taken to the next room for stent removal. There were 2 ladies staff preparing me for the stent removal and the doctor came and kept on talking with me casually and removing the pipe gradually while it pained me I took Sai Baba’s name calling Him to help me. Then at last with Baba’s Grace, the stent was removed and I was relieved much. Then doctor told me to get a urine test done again after 1 week and if it is normal, then everything is fine. Then the doctor showed me the way out from the operation theater area and my family was so happy to see me coming out smiling and happy. The doctor was also smiling and told us what food precautions had to be taken and then we came back to the ward again. I was given lunch to eat and my family also brought lunch and ate with me. I was so happy and grateful and thankful to Baba that my stent had also been removed and I am now alright with my Sai Baba’s Grace. Then I changed clothes and we came back home after formalities. I thanked Baba looking at Baba’s picture and mosque on the way. After 1 week I got my urine test done and with Sai Baba’s Grace my report came absolutely normal and I was overflowed with joy and happiness. Thank You Baba so much.

Thank You Baba so much for removing the stone from my kidney and curing me completely and permanently. Thank You Baba for making this whole experience a peaceful one and delightful after my stone and stent had been removed and after my urine reports came normal. Thank You Baba for being with me all the time from beginning from my tests, my operation, my recovery, till the end to my stent removal, my post operation tests and my coming back home safe and sound and my life becoming as normal as it had been previously. Thank You Baba so much for everything and for supporting me and helping me continuously every second of my life. I OWE MY LIFE TO YOU AND MY FAMILY BABAJI. Thank You so much Baba Ji for making my recovery fast and after 6 months of my operation also my urine tests being normal and I am healthy By Your Grace only. Thank You Baba so much for being with me Baba all the time. Om Sairam. Om Sairam.

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  1. Very nice experience. We will know the importance of health once we get sick. Every one should try to be healthy, eat right, exercise, drink lot of water and meditate. Om sai ram.

  2. Jai Sai Ram,you Wonderfully narrated ...Felt i am visualize your situation.. Baba is very kind full to all the human beings and he proved in your pain..Jai Jai Sai ram

  3. Pure love. :)

    Jai Sairam

  4. Om Sai Jai Sai. Deva thank you very much for everything as its only you who knows what is best for us. Happy baba's day to all. Saiji always bless us and increase our shraddha n saburi by each passing day.

  5. Om sai ram. Baba pls pls bless me and my family. Baba pls resolve all my office problems. Pls take care of all the official and my personal problems. I have completely surrendered on your lotus feet. Pls pls pls baba bless me and my family members.
    Help us baba

  6. om sai ram
    om sai
    sai is the healer

  7. Nice experience...thanks a lot for sharing with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

  8. om sai ram,,,,baba u are my luv

  9. Nice experience. May BABA bless us all to have a healthy and happy life.

  10. nice experiences.OM SAI RAM.

  11. Very nice experience! Although you had to go through a surgery with lots of post-operative recovery days, Baba was there with you every step of the way and Baba also helped guide the doctor when he was doing the surgery and made sure you were well taken care of so you had minimum discomfort and no complications. Baba is there to help guide others to help us, His devotees, so we experience minimum pain and difficulty in life as possible (only as much as our past karma allows). Om Sai Ram!

    Love you Baba.

  13. om sai ram!

    such a wonderful experience. baba pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  14. Jai Sairam

    Thank You Babaji for posting my experience on Thursday and how you made me see the experience. Thank You Sai devotees for your kind words and making me realise Baba's Love for me is the purest and in the truest form. Thank You Babaji so much for everything. Babaji Please cure my side pain also. It is still there after going through so many remedies. Baba You Are My Doctor. Please cure me. Please Baba.

    Om Sairam

  15. Tears are coming after reading ur experience.You are a lovable daughter of doubt in it..Bow to Sairam..peace be to all..

  16. baba ji ko koti koti parnam. Baba ji aaj aap ne mera vishwash aur dil tod diya aur sabit kar diya ke aap mere saath nhi ho. chahe main aap ke jitne bhi pooja kar lo. maine aap se bas ek cheez mange thi bas aap se apna pyar manga tha. aap ne mujhe nhi diya baliki us ko mujh se door kar diya.......... main bahut vishwash ke saath aap ke paas aaye thi aap ne dil tod diya. main roj aap ke reply ka intezar karti rahti hu aap mujhe batao aap mere saath hamesha aisa kyun karte ho. mujhe zawab do plz......... mujhe jawab chaiye.


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