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A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 274

Sharing few more experiences.

My Experience

Sai Sister Haripriya says: I always used to believe in BABA, but I became a stronger and closer devotee of HIM from last year after an incident that happened in my life. I guess it must be one of HIS ways to pull me towards HIM. Unexpectedly I went to Shirdi with my sister. I think He Himself dragged me to Shirdi to know importance of Him. As usual, we, along with 10 members of my relatives, had taken a room and all of us got ready and went for Darshan. That was on Thursday.

At the entrance of Darshan route, there was security. Their work is to check each and every people, who enter there and there were special boards that cell phones are not allowed even though I brought my mobile and security didn’t allow us inside. By doing some things anyhow we managed and we took my mobile inside and I gave it to my younger brother to keep it in pocket. Then we successfully completed our great Baba’s Darshan and went out. Our surprise was that my brother lost my mobile. In that moment, I didn’t feel as my mobile lost. I thought that even though many elders told not to take mobile inside, I have taken. So God have given punishment to me. So I lost my mobile and then we came to home and I totally forgotten about my mobile.

To my surprise, my sister called me and told that someone called her from my mobile number and asked her details. Not only her many of my contacts in my mobile got call and he confirmed whether I am the correct owner of the mobile and told my sister to call me. As my surprise, I called him. He told that he got that mobile in Shirdi and he is from Jaipur and he wants to give me my mobile and he himself came to my place and gave me my mobile. Now a days, no one will give like this, but he has given.

This is done by Sai itself. But sad one was that I didn’t have any contact details of him or any mail id of him. Where ever he is, he will have Baba’s blessings always with him. I request to the person, who gave me my mobile back. If you see this message please contact me at Once again thank for you and for Baba for providing me this great opportunity to share about my experience with Baba devotees. Om Sai Ram.

My other experience is that I went to a restaurant with two of my friends and searching for seats and unexpectedly someone came and dashed me. We both said sorry and we went. Suddenly one woman came to me and asked me is this your ring? I thought why my ring will be with her and I told no it’s not mine. Then my friend told me to check your ring like that. Then I checked my ring surprisingly my ring was not there. Then I told her yes it was my ring. She gave it to me. It’s so surprise and God’s grace. Now a days, who will return gold things back if they get. It’s all effect of Baba and His blessings on me. I love Baba.

Thanks & Regards

Haripriya Vayalpati

Please Pray For Our Family

Anonymous Devotee says: Dear Hetal Ji, this is my third post in your blog. Thank you so much for your service. Kindly don't share my name or ID.

From past one year, we have been into so many troubled situations that I need support and courage very badly. I am constantly praying to Baba to bless us and give us metal support to bare all the problems. In the beginning of last year, my husband was cheated by friends and lost huge amount of savings and he is in a big debt. But I took this as Deva’s teaching us lesson not to be greedy and live with content ship. Sorry Baba if we have not done our duty, please forgive us for our sins.

My husband is still struggling to clear his loans. Since I had a Job, I was having hope that I could at least help my Husband to clear some of his loans. In this process, he was asked to work in country side for completing his post graduation studies. I stayed back with my 4 year old child in the city to support my husband pay his loans. In mid of this year, I lost my Job too. Since then I have been trying to get a Job, but in vain. I am praying Sai to give me metal Stamina to bear all this. By Sai's grace, my husband's training completed and he is back with me in the city now. He needed to take exams to complete his post graduation after his training. He worked so hard for his exams. He took his exams and today he got results and he has failed. One side he has to pay his loans and on the other side all his relatives are against him for not giving money to them like how he used to before. In spite of explaining his situation, they keep cursing him. He has always done his duties to his family as much as he could. Trust me Hetal Ji, we are in a deep sea of trouble. I am constantly praying Sai to get us out of these problems. I can’t see my husband bear more. I am totally helpless and down. I Request Sai devotees to please pray for us.

Only our child's smiles keep us going at the moment. Hetal Ji, I know our Deva would not leave us. He is going to come in some form and support us and I am surely going to post that blessing soon. Thank you once again for your continuous support.

Sai Devotee

Blessings And Prayers Of Our Saibaba

Sai Sister Vijimoorthy from Singapore says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am Vijimoorthy from Singapore. Thanks for your valuable service. I have already posted three of my experiences. Please do not share my email id.

Last week my brother-in-law suffered from flu for more than one week, due to that his White blood cells count is very low. He was admitted in hospital and they had putting trips which consists of vitamins to increase the WBC counts, but it was decreasing. Doctor told to wait for 2 days because the WBC was decreasing when they are putting, so its waste only.

I prayed to Our Saibaba who was a great healer to help my brother-in-law. After one day, the WBC started increasing, what a miracle. Now he was fine and I pray Saibaba to give him good health.

I had leg sprain for past 10 days for which Doctor told its normal sprain and gave medications, but no use. As I am working 5 days a week in a office I feel better in weekends. In week days, I am walking to take train or bus again it become worse by swelling and pain while walking and it become worse in air condition in office.

I applied UDI in my ankle to subsidize my pain and prayed to Saibaba because leg is important to us as we are working outside to walk or to do things, but my husband was so kind to me by buying food from outside or cook in house not allowing me to do work in house except to go to office. Baba is helping me like this. Now I am feeling better, I hope Saibaba will cure me fully, so devotees pray for me to get cured my legs.

I request devotees to pray for us to have a child, you know without a child life wouldn’t be meaningful and we get wounds by some wicked people's word. Saibaba is helping me in each and every minute in my life, but He is not answering only for my child matter. Please pray for us and for my husband good health.



© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba


  1. May saima bless every one with loads of happiness.. baba never neglects any requests of his children so please have faith in him he will make every special wish come true one day just have shradha and saburi :) JAI SAI RAM

  2. Sai answers all our prayers. We become restless and want our prayers to be answered immediately, have faith and do wait for him to shower his blessings upon ypou...Om Sai Ram

  3. To the lady who posted the 2nd experience. Have complete faith and surrender to His feet and He shall help you cross this sea of troubles.

    Jai Sairam

  4. @post 2
    Dear sister, pl don't get disappointed.Our sai deva never leaves His children.observe sai nava guruvara vratham and read sai sacharithra.sai is with you and your family.keep faith in Him.soon youwill get rid off all your problems.

  5. all three are nice experiences

    om sai ram

    baba will bless to all of u

  6. vijimoorthyji i request you to go to shibpur temple or atleast ask amitji to pray behalf of you you can send some donation to the temple many childless couple have been got baba's blessings after performing pooja there atleast you can do this much rather than soffering always think positive for more details you can visit
    to read more miracles of baba please read this miracles then only you will come to know about our saima's power...may baba always bless you OMSAIRAM...

  7. saichild in experience second please chant SHREEM always to come out from the financial problems chant this SHREEM as much as possible..its very powerful..and ask amitji to perform pooja in shibpur saibaba mandir or else if possible visit shibpur..for more details u can visit
    and to read the miracles of baba
    may baba always bless you and your family...OM SAIRAM..

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Devotees, i love singing Baba's Bhajans and by Baba's grace i used to sing in his temple almost on every Thursday. I would like to participate in Bhajans and sing for Baba. I would even love to do album recordings of Bhajans.. however have not found any opportunity yet. So, somehow Baba inspired me to post this request here, in case Sai Devotees are looking for singers. Please do contact me at my email id (, and i would consider it Baba's blessing if i get some singing opportunities for Bhajans / recordings. Thanks.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  9. Jai Sai Ram,

    To Sister who is suffering financially. I know how it is to suffer financially!! since you have complete faith on Baba, Baba will certainly bless you soon with happiness. If you are going through bad times, good times will come's just a cycle.

    To Sister in Singapore, since you have been asking Baba for a child since long time. There should be a reason for delay but certainly for your betterment. Do not give ear to people words, some people feel happy when they hurt others.

    Keep faith on Sai and if possible recite "Sai" 108 times every morning or night.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  10. Saiji please bless us as always...
    Om sai Jai Sai.

  11. sai please help me sai please sai!!

  12. sai ji pls be always with us

  13. Nice experiences! Vijimoorthy, I will pray to Baba that you have a child soon and your leg pain will be cured by Baba very soon, just continue to apply Udi and have faith in Baba. Haripriya Ji, Baba works through everyone and showed this by getting your mobile and locket back to you through these other people. 2nd devotee, don't worry, Baba will soon take care of your financial worries, Baba always says He won't allow His devotees to suffer through difficulties for a long time and also you should try doing 9 Thursdays Vrat to help your husband get a good paying job soon so he can pay off all those loans and have no more obligations to others. Om Sai Ram!

  14. JAI SAI RAM..For sai didi in 2nd experience our prayers are always with u..saima will definitely take care of everything..indomitable shradha and saburi will protect u from all evils..

  15. BABA is always with us...OM SAI RAM...

  16. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai


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