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Top Five Experiences of January 2012

Always it is our effort to make this blog more and more user-friendly. With this aim in mind we are always in search of new and latest features that can be added for your convenience. Lately since few weeks this thought was constantly on my mind and thus came up an idea which i guess would make this blog more interactive.

The title certainly reveals that we will be listing top five experiences in this post. Let me explain further. Top commented experiences of previous month in start of every month will be listed from now onwards. So those who may have missed any experience(s) can find it easily from this list. Below is list of Top Five Experiences of January 2012.

Over and above these experiences, we released an E-book on New Year 2012. Download Link available here:
Releasing E-book "Unleash Sai's Blessings"

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  1. Dear Heatalji,

    I appreciate your idea of coming up with new ideas to improve this website but I feel there is no need of updating 'Top five experiences' every month based on 'top commented experiences'. I believe all Baba's experiences are so special and they are always Top experiences, there is no need for mentioning few experiences as top, this is just my opinion. For more interaction, I think you should create a forum with in this website, where everyone can interact with each other more precisely.

    Thank you,

  2. Thats really good thing you planned Hetalji,for beginners it will be a good start.Om Sai Ram.

  3. @AnonymousHi I Agree with padma ji,
    Even i feel that it would be great if we can have some interaction with other devotees, get to know each other and ask questions if we have any. for example if some person need help in USA regarding job or anything he would seek advice from devotees who re available, its just my opinion.

    Om Sai Ram

  4. Hello Hetal Jee

    I would like to respond to the comment of the anonymous I can guide you with some help, that you need for coming to USA..I am into this field..(Basically Help the IT people,in India ) I am into recruitment field here. Please leave your email address here and i will write back to you...Though I am not sure,whether i will be able to help you or not , but i can guide you with what i know..
    Jai sai ram.

  5. Also hetal jee I have one suggestion, you can add some special experiences like the Padyatra from Mumbai in your January;s best post...i never knew about it. I am sure it must enlightened a thousands of Sai devotees...

  6. hello Hetal ji,
    It is always a good thing of enhancing the quality of the blog.But as one devotee has stated it would not be fair to name a few experiences as best over the rest; as all the experiences make the presence of Babaji in some form or the other.
    Instead as suggested by all it would be a pleasure to have a forum where thousands of devotees can interact and share various things and act as one big family and help everybody who is in need of help like job issues,becoming a mother or parent, helping one who is having chronic diseases etc.,
    This is only my opinion please feel free to do whatever Sai wishes.

  7. Very good Hetal Ji! salutes to your efforts and to make this blog more & more strengthen.

    Om sai ram

  8. I too agree with devotee Padmaji's comment. All experiences are so unique and special. Regular followers may not read it i think if few of them are reposted under different head.

    Rest as is Baba's wish :)

    Om Sai Ram !

  9. Good Thought Hetalji,
    Really , u r a wonderful soul.May baba bless u........

  10. i just started reading your blog,and am awed by those experience i just read...... i believed in sai......since i can remember...its like he is with me always.i will share my experiences too..they are petty,but true

  11. @Swati

    My J2 visa is going to expire this yr & I want to apply for h1b, but my co., do not it possible for ur firm to sponsor h1b on contract to continue my work with existing co.,? please advise. I'm into Accounting field.

    Om sai ram!

  12. Hello Hetal ji,

    It is good that you want this blog become more quality but everyone who are posting their experience in this blog are not expecting how many comments are receiving for the experience, they just had experience with baba and make others to feel the presence. If top 5 experience only posted means someone who are new to this blog and some may ask help through this way may not get a chance to read others experience/baba leelas. I just said what i thought, if it's hurting means sorry.

    Om Sai Ram

  13. Sai Ramji All Dear Sai Readers,

    Thanks for sharing your views here. No apologies please, because we all are like a family lovingly called "Sai Family" and this blog belongs to every reader. So everyone can put forward his/her opinions and suggestions. In fact we are glad to see that we have got honest comments. Apart from being admins of this blog, we are ultimately humans, so we are prone to mistakes. As an irony, one can realize his mistake even from deeds of a kid, then how can we not consider this step of ours a mistake and rectify ourselves.

    We are withdrawing this add-on of posting top five experiences of a month. Instead we are planning to come up with something which readers are demanding. Sorry no details will be revealed right now:) I request all to have patience and let the thing come as a pleasant surprise.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  14. @Hetal Patil Rawat

    Thank you Hetalji for withdrawing the top listing decision. I my opinion, even a smallest experience in every devotees life is truly a miracle by the blessings of our Shri SaiBaba and thus it is a wonder and a top experience in itself.
    Keep up your good and honest work of sharing the blessings of Saibaba through this amazing blog. I appreciate all your efforts in making this blog interesting which gives us strength and courage to go on in life after reading the miracles.
    May Saibaba shower happiness on everyone around the world.
    Om Sairam!

  15. Dear Hetal Ji Can't wait for the surprise ... Our sai family feels good Many thanks

  16. @ Hetal Patil Rewat

    Thank u for your reply, I just said what I thought, that other sai devotee/ reader may not get a chance to know even the small miracle happened in other’s life……. we are waiting with patience to see the surprise..

    Happy Thursday Baba

    Om Sai Ram

  17. Has the top five experiences of Saibaba for Feb 2012 has been posted yet?


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