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Sai Baba Never Left My Side - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Lord Sai Baba's devotees are always filled with His grace and blessings. But how we can ignorant souls understand this? Its only the hard times of our lives that give us this vision. We may forgive Lord Sai but how can He forget us? He is always present guiding, serving, caring and loving us. Below experience says the same.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetalji, It’s been few years now that I have been reading your blog. You have provided for people like me a source of constant inspiration via this blog. It’s been sometime I have been planning to send you my experiences of Baba's grace as I have experienced them over years. I have separated them as the time passed .Though the incidents are explained briefly they have occurred over a span of 15 years. I request you to publish this mail even if it’s lengthy.
  • My first visit to Shirdi:

    I have read that you cannot go to Shirdi unless Baba wants you. My time came when I was 17 years old. My father was posted in a location near Shirdi. So we started visiting Shirdi frequently, accompanying friends or relatives who visited us. Did I know then, that the temple I was visiting just for the sake of it as I wasn't Baba's devotee, would become so important in my life? It was during that time I cleared my 12th class exams, but due to low percentile could not get into the stream of my choice. I felt disheartened. At the same time, when I was waiting for my college to start, I accompanied many people to Shirdi. Every time, I went and I prayed to Baba to give me a chance to do something better with my life. I knew that I was capable to getting into better colleges and streams. The first miracle for me happened when suddenly, the college I was interested in getting into increased their quota of students. I was waitlisted earlier, but now I got admission there. I was very happy and started the new course and forgot all about Baba as I never went back to Shirdi.
  • Introduction to Baba Second time:

    A few years after starting the course, I was going through a very difficult time. My grades were falling and I felt miserable about life. I felt very bad as even my personal life was going through a bad patch. I used to pray to God daily and I had a small statue of Baba in my Puja Ghar, but things were not improving. It was during this time, I met few people who helped me overcome all these difficulties. I moved to a new hostel with my classmates. When I started telling them about my problems, they told me not to lose hope, but I should pray to Baba and He would take care of me. I was very surprised that these two girls, who I had known for few years should ask me to do that. They were both from Delhi and ardent devotees of Baba, and told me about Baba's temple on Lodhi Road. So I started praying to Baba with all my devotion. Suddenly things started changing. My attitude changed. I felt happy, peaceful and calm. I was smiling more, being nice to people and everybody around me and noticed the difference too. It was around the same time I met my Husband. We were good friends. Once, when I told him how sad I was, he took me to Baba's temple. I felt a surge of energy within me when I stepped in that temple. I prayed to Baba and also asked Him to bless my friend who had got me to the temple in the first place. Did I know then I will be marrying the same man?
  • Babas Miracle

    After being blessed by Baba second time, I never stopped believing in Him. Whatever little difficulties I faced, I gave it my best shot and left rest to Baba and I knew that He would take care of me. I completed my course with distinction and got a job with an MNC before I got my final year results were out. I worked for few years, then I got married to the person I loved and moved to USA. I started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra everyday or every week sometimes. I encouraged my husband to read it too. But like they say the devotion has to come from within and for him same happened. He was facing some issues on the job front and prayed to Baba. When things changed, he started reading it daily. During the same time, I had some health issues. Doctors advised us now to try for kids as I won’t be able to carry full term successfully. I felt sad and left everything to Baba. The medication I was given was pretty strong. I was having mood swings too. My husband patiently waited by my side to calm me. Seeing no change in me, I decided to move to another city for my job and concentrate on my professional life.

    Months went by, I became calmer and my husband was doing well too. Suddenly a family emergency came up and we were to travel to India. Before doing that my Husband got an assignment to be completed at client location outside of USA, which also meant he would have to go for a visa stamping to re-enter USA. Before he left he collected all the supporting documents and came to meet me. I advised him to carry his Sai Satcharitra along with him. After finishing his work when he went for the Visa Interview, a lady took his relevant documents and advised him to come back in two hours. He called and seemed upset because this was very weird. When he went back in, she refused his Visa stating he did not have few documents. When my husband told her, she had taken those from him. After few hours, she refused and asked him to come back next week with the same. He left without arguing any further and called me. I broke down, when I heard this news. I was all alone in a foreign country and he was stuck in some other country.

    Without wasting a minute I called one of my friends who used to stay in nearby city to ask her if she knew where a Baba Temple was. She said yes, it was like a mile away from her place and she and her husband would be very happy to take me there if I could come there. I started the early next day to work and traveled to her place. She came to pick me up at the train station. I was seeing her after five years and felt very happy, but I was much tensed. My first surprise was, when I entered her house, I saw a huge poster of Baba on the wall. When I looked around I saw many more pictures. She told me then her husband is a Baba Devotee. I felt happy that she and all the people should help me out now. Later I told them about my situation and they tried to console me.

    Next day early morning, we went to Baba's temple. I was trying to hold back tears when I saw Baba's statue in the temple. I decided to do an Aarti for Baba. Along with me, there was a family. I was looking at the family. Husband, wife and their newly born daughter were there to seek Baba's blessings. When I looked at them I burst into tears. All through the Aarti I cried and felt bad as to why should I suffer like this. My husband was away, we couldn’t plan for a child and now this. I asked Baba for some relief. After the Aarti, I went in the temple store to get a picture of Baba. I was looking for a particular picture when I found one, I suddenly thought to myself, why should I buy this picture. I have followed all Baba’s teachings and I was still unhappy. I decided then Baba should accept my devotion some sign of acceptance that He knows about my grief. Some symbol of affection and left without buying anything. Next day, we went to another temple. There was a huge queue and I saw someone in the line that looked very familiar.

    After the puja was over, I walked over to see the person and she turned out to be a childhood friend who I had seen when I was like 12 or 13 years old. I was very surprised, but happy to see her. She invited me to her house, but I refused stating I needed to start back to my place before it gets dark. She insisted that I come to house and that she had just returned from India. I still refused telling her that I only came to her city to take Baba’s Darshan. She smiled and said then I must come to her place as she had visited Shirdi and got Prasad from there as well. That I could not refuse. I went with her and got the prasad, UDI and a picture of Baba. The same picture I had selected in the temple the day before. I was happy beyond imagination. I got my sign of acceptance from Baba. I started back to my place on a happy note and called my husband to sit and relax. He will come back and meet me. Things would go fine and that he won’t be alone, Baba will always be with him.

    Looking at my confidence, he suddenly started feeling better and went for the interview the next week. After he came back he told me that he kept on reminding himself of my words, Baba will be with you. He will be with you. When he went for interview, he was surprised to see a Man in the woman’s place to conduct the interview. The lady was off on a holiday it seems. He went through a interview again and got the Visa and came back to meet me. I quit my job and went back to stay with him. We couldn’t have been happier.
  • Baba never leaves His devotee's side

    After a few weeks of this incident we came back to India. First before we went to our home, we went to Shirdi. I took Baba's blessings and thanked Him wholeheartedly. When coming out, I had a feeling my mind to enter the temple once again and request Baba to improve my health too. But I did not. After His acceptance of me as His devotee, I knew I never had to ask Him of anything. He will take care of me. We were in India for almost 15 days, when I fell sick. The food and water weren’t doing me any good. So I went for a checkup and got the biggest surprise of our lives, when we came to know that I was pregnant. I couldn’t thank Baba enough for everything He had done for me. My husband returned to USA and I stayed back. I decided to get my visa renewed so went to New Delhi Embassy. When I reached the embassy on the day of appointment we were very early. So my mother suggested we visit a nearby temple. The driver of the car said there is a famous temple nearby and he will take me there. He took us to Sai Baba’s temple on Lodhi Road. The temple I had heard about so many times I was visiting it now after so many years. When I sat down in the temple I thanked Baba for my baby and for all the people around me who brought me closer to Him. My roommates who told me about Him, my husband who took me to Baba's temple, my friend and her husband who consoled me, and my childhood friend who gave me Baba's prasad and UDI, when I needed it the most and the driver who brought me to this temple today. Have faith and devotion. Baba will find a way out for you. You are surrounded by His messengers. It’s just that you don’t know it. Three days from now, I visit my doctor for my first checkup. I am confident Baba will take care of my Baby; it was after all with Baba’s blessings that I am carrying.

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  1. Om Sai Ram, please bless us all.

  2. wonderful touching experience...BABA will surely take care of u ,your baby and your family.

  3. I m so happy and feeling confident because I have started my Sai Vrat for the first time in my life......may sadguru sai baba bless everyone...and take care of my parents and fulfill my wishes

  4. Really a wonderful experience , i am sure that babaji will take care of u and ur baby as well..........
    Om sai ram.

    Wonderful Experience.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    Please be with me and my family and with all people in this world Baba.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamastu.
    Please excuse me Baba.

  6. beautiful sai ram

  7. Don't worry! Baba is with us. Keep faith on him. Recently He resolved a very big problem of mine.

  8. Wonderful experience. Baba will surely take care of you and your family. Congratulations ! He is always with us.

  9. Nice experience

    Om Sai Ram,
    Baba Maalik




  11. BABA daya kro mujh par...m tried now ..i cant bear this any more please baba come to me and show me your presence and bless me with my love....BABA please shows me some positive indications and give me your blessings...please baba...your daughter

  12. Congratulation sister .....u r so blessed.dont worry baba will tk care of ur child.....
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

    Wonderful story..may baba listen everyones story........heal their sorrows......Om Sai Nath

  13. Thanks for sharing your experience. Baba will take care of you and your Baby.

  14. Very touching experience indeed. Baba will take care of you and your Baby. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy, keep chanting om sai ram.

  15. Such a wonderful experience, Thank you so much for sharing with us.. Baba will take care you and your baby. We are waiting to hear good news from you soon.. God bless U!!!

  16. You are absolutely Baba's child and he will bless you with abundance.
    I was in tears reading your wonderful experiences that you have had with Baba and he is so kind isn't he... He never leaves us we are the one who are so fickle minded and think Baba is not there with us ... He's real a great Saint and our God who will be always with us.

    Thank you Baba love you soo much....

  17. Sai Ram to the anonymous devotee for her unshakeable faith despite her trials and in the all these years baba is everywhere to help her. It is always difficult to understand Baba & also difficult to understand the arrangement of God to ask HIM why HE has devised the Law of Karma like this? Wishes to Hetal for such a service to sai to help devotees & a small correction in your introduction... "We may.. [change forgive to forget] typo error.. Lord Sai but how can He forget us?" Jai Sai Ram

  18. wonderful experience and thanks for sharing this.

  19. Iloveu sairam pl help me. i knw u will take care of all your child....

  20. pl all r be faith in saibaba he will take care of our life.. i love u sairam help me baba.... om sai ram....

  21. i know baba take care of there devotee as mother & father both .Bless are those ppl who had/have baba's grace on them .I am going through a tough time both in professional and personal lyf ,but i hv a firm determination baba is there to take care of us and day is not far wen baba will bestowed his mercy and blessing on me ! I pray to mere baba to be with me always and bless everyone who needs u badly .Peace to all !

  22. can u guys please help me where to post our experience about sai please send the mail id to post my experience.
    Please send it to my id

  23. Touching experience.. Thanks a lot for the experience.. It makes us much strong and increases our belief in him.
    Baba bless Hetal ji and the writer of the post with all good..

  24. love you sai ram...


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