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Shraddha and Saburi - Anonymous Sai Devotee

When we are holding Lord Sai Baba's hand, we are under His constant care, but every time we fail to realise this invisible boon bestowing hand. So sometimes He has to show His presence in very peculiar way. The same is described in below experience.

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, Many thank you for this website. I can feel that Baba has some special grace and bless on you. From your website, I got lots of courage by reading devotees experiences. I am not good in English grammar. if there are any mistakes, I am very sorry for that.

I live in Toronto, Canada. I believe in Sai from many years, but I never understood Him. I am 33 divorced and single mother as well. When I was going through a lot in my life with my ex husband, Baba always helped me in many ways till the day I got divorced. Baba has helped me in many different occasions and showed His presence. But this time, I was loosing my Shraddha into Him and again He saved me. This time, I have totally new jerk in my life and I fell down and wounded a lot, hurt a lot and left broken heart. But Baba helped me this time as well. This is little longer than other experience, but it’s a good way to learn from someone’s experience. I got courage from your site and learned how to keep Saburi for my SAI. I have promised Baba that if I will get result from this experience, I will post this miracle on your website. I wanted the result one way, but He showed me another way. To come out from this situation, I also started doing Thursday Vrat. By the time 5th Thursday, I got all clear result from Baba. Just keep Shraddha and Saburi and Sai will surely help YOU. I don’t know how to write all this. Please review my letter then post it. But please post it.

I got married when I was 19 and got separated at age of 25 with a 2 year old daughter. I came back from India to Toronto. When I was sad and lonely, my sister taught me to go on yahoo and chat and meet new people in life. I met many guys online and chatted with many, but no one was the one I wanted. Then I found one and fall in love with him. Anyways, long story in short, I met a guy online in Nov 2009. He was Sikh and told me as single. I met him, dated him, and had all relationship as husband and wife. I did tell him about my divorce and daughter everything.

After dating each other almost 6 months or so I came to know that he is married and having daughter who was just born in Dec 2009. I was shocked and cried. I went to see him right away and asked him why he lied to me. He cried like small baby on feet asking for forgiveness. I told him I am no one to give you any punishment. I forgave him. And then he said he is not getting along with his wife. He wants divorce from her. He is here in Toronto as an international student. His wife, parents and daughter are staying in India.

But I used to pray a lot to Baba and asking me to show right path. I came again in his sweet talks. I fall for him again. He said he will marry me. I used to tell him to take care of wife and daughter. I don’t want my life on someone’s tears. But he used to say, no I can’t leave you I love you and I will marry you. I left at Baba. But His way of teaching is different. We wish something but He gives what we need not what we wished. While all this was happening my laptop got hacked and some random guy was mentally harassing me or you can say literally torturing me. I couldn’t sleep at night thinking that who is this guy. Why he is hacking my computer and harassing me. What is his motive? I couldn’t find out. I was depressed and scared. My boy friend knew this. I have made couple of one night stand mistakes which I did tell him. He said forget it and move on. He took one of his childhood girl friend's help and told me that they cleared that random guy computer with all my details which was almost 30GB and I believed him and trusted him. Then my BF started asking me question regarding each and every ID I have chatted with. If I have met anyone of them personally and had any kind of relationship I started giving him justification. But he never believed me. He thought I had many relationships but that was not true. He never understood me, because what he read that was not all true.

This year, I went to India for my brother`s wedding in January 2011 and came back in 3 weeks. Meanwhile he had my car, my house keys everything. In 3 weeks, when I came back he came to pick me up at airport. He stayed with me couple days and left by saying that if I leave you, you will cry like hell. He said my dear you can’t live without me. And I said but why would you leave me? Then I dropped him to train station. In couple days he started completely ignoring me and said out of the blue he is going to Montreal with his cousin. I started crying a lot and a lot without understanding anything that why he is leaving me and without telling me anything how come he just left for Montreal. I cried for hours and went to Sai mandir and gurudwara for pray. Then I started going Sai mandir regularly and pray with lots of pain in heart and lots of tears in eyes. We had much discussion after that over the phone and through text msgs. But I was just crying and begging him to come back to me. Because I really loved him, then he went to Ottawa then India and came back to me on June 17, 2011. I was neither happy nor sad but I was curious. He came to my home to stay, because I invited him to stay with me till his Law exams finishes in August. He agreed and came. That night we set down and started talking about our life and future. He said he can’t marry me anymore because of his family. I started crying again. It had been 5 days and nights, I cried and begging him to take out some way. Same time I was praying Baba with tears in my eyes to help me. Monday 20, 2011, I went to drop my daughter to school and from there I went to Sai Mandir with tears. I set down in Baba`s Lotus feet and crying and crying a lot. A lady, who was doing Pradakshina to Baba, came to me and gave me an apple from Baba`s feet. Then after some time, she saw me I am still crying and praying. She gave me pink rose flower from Baba`s murti. I was still crying. Then I sat down and crying and praying. Some other lady came and gave me hug said not to cry. Surrender yourself to Baba, He will take care of you and read Sai Satcharitra. But I wanted him back, but Baba knew what is going on.

I came home after sometime. He was right there waiting for me and worried but with stone heart had no feelings for me. I took shower and started reading Sai Satcharitra. After reading few chapters I fell in sleep. Then woke up and started crying and begging my boy friend again to find out some way and accept me, because I love him so much. He got upset and went out for gurudwara. He called me and said come to gurudwara after couple hours; we will have lungar and will come back to home. I said Ok. I was reading Baba`s Sai Satcharitra and suddenly what happen, I got up and went to his room and went to his laptop bag. I found 4 to 5 flash drive. I inserted in my laptop and found some of my chat history and other private stuff. I got so angry. I went to gurudwara by driving 110km. I went and bow to guru granth sahebji by saying thank you that I was crying for a man who is not trustworthy. I said thank you to Him and Baba. Then I pulled him over and slapped him 3 times and all truth came out. He was the one who hacked my computer with help of his friend. He saved all my chat history with screen shot of my passwords and many other things. Baba also pulled him to His Mandir. Same night, we went to Sai mandir and did arti. Even as a Sikh, he doesn’t believe in Sai. He did the arti, it is miracle for me. When this all happened, I felt and remember Baba`s one of the chapter about why to distribute our pain in 7 birth, when Baba is there to help and with little pain, we can pay off our karma.

Baba showed me path many ways, but my eyes were closed. I couldn’t understand His way of teaching. I couldn’t sleep for one and half year behind this hacking and relationship. Now I am very clear. Baba showed me His real face and saved me and my daughter from this guy. I used to pray baba to change His mind and let’s be getting married. But Baba showed me the truth and opened my eyes. Now I am relaxed and I can sleep well. I am still bit angry for the guy I love by thinking that nothing happened to him. But I am fine. Thank you my sai I love you a lot.

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba


  1. Dear Anonymous Devotee ji, Thanks for sharing your pain and suffering. I pray someone trustworthy in your life to give you love and support that you deserve. Be kind to your daughter. I also pray everything good and safe for your daughter.BABA is loving, caring and kind. HE knows how human being can make a mistake unknowingly and HE does pardon those who learn lessons from the mistakes. Wish you happiness always.

  2. That was right what you did, so you see sometimewe run after someone whom we think is right but He knows and try to stop us... but we cry for the loss instead of thanking Him for saving us. Jai Sai

  3. Thank you for being with us Baba. Please show me the way. Please I don't know where my life is going.

  4. Please kindly show us the right path and to do all the things right and do only the right things.Always protect all your children under your Lotus Feet!!!JAI SAI RAM JAI SAI RAM JAI SAI RAM!!!

    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    Please forgive our mistakes Baba.
    Please bless everyone in this world with happy life and please bless us always to follow your path Baba.

  6. baba please bless your devotees...

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for sharing your miserable experience, you have taken right decision. Please have faith in Baba, you will definitely find your soul mate soon and you will be happy forever!!

    Bow to Sri Sai.. May god bless you with full of happiness in your life.

  8. Jai Shri Shiridi Sai Nath (The Creator, Destroyer and Presever)

    May you have mercy on this universe and guide peope in the right way inspite of all our mistakes we do!! after all we are your children, your creation. Jai Sai Ram. My humble salutations to my beloved father and Mother "Sai Baba"

    Sister, You have made a very good decision at last which you could have taken it long time ago.

    Some times, our eyes are covered in mist of Love that we even tend to forgot our own people (in your case, you forgot about your daughter) and went blindly behind a guy.

    My words may hurt you, but please are sailing in a boat with your sweet and young little daughter and no one to rescue. Inspite of this situation you ran behind lust, forgetting you have responsibility of your own child. Here you are selfish for yourself and have completly forgotten that your little daughter's future depends on you. One wrong decision in life can ruin your little babies life.

    I have 2 daughters and I know how important it is that we set a good example for their future.

    When you belive so much in Baba then why do you run for soul mates? leave it to Baba, when the right time comes baba will send them to you. If not, think it's for your benefit that Baba has not sent you any one.

    Be a Good Mother, involve your self with other works, be spiritual, be helpful to any one. Baba will be filled with Love, he loves the most who always follows his foot steps.

    Sister, you were trapped once and it took you almost 2 years to come out of it and dont ever get trapped!! Baba also helps and gives every one a chance in life but not always when we always repeat the same mistakes.

    I feel this piece of advice to you is coming straight from Baba. So please accept it.

    Wish you Good luck and take care of your litle one!!

    Jai Sai Ram.

  9. plz ADD A forward button i.e. Share by email as wel.thnk U.


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