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We are loaded with experiences everyday. At first while editing them, we feel sorry for the devotee for the pain he/she went through. Then towards end we come to know that Lord Sai Baba goes for rescue on cry of His devotee and take him/her out of danger and thus we all are happy. But this letter from anonymous devotee has not ending, let alone happy ending. Our blog editor exclaimed thus, "This experience is the toughest one I have seen. I am feeling so sad for devotee". Really you would end up reading story with tearful eyes.

The Divine Rules of past karmas apply to all souls residing in earthly bodies. According to past karmas one's nature is formed. So in a way people are first bound by their own nature first and this is the most powerful tool for shaping their future course. Reading this letter showed me dreadful face of Kaliyug. After being in safe hands of Lord Sai Baba, life of every devotee takes a smooth turn. Though problems persists, its impact seems to be lessened.

Once a devotee of Lord Sai Baba said me, "Take yourself as plain white paper. Do not do any act which will leave spot on this paper. Ever be alert to keep it clean. If anyone does anything wrong to you, do not react. It will spoil the other's paper and not your's. Keeping this paper clean means keeping your deeds clean which means at the end when Lord Sai Baba sits to make balance sheet of your life, it is tallied and there remains no cycle of birth and death. Such a state means permanent togetherness with Lord Sai Baba where only love exists and it is exchanged between you and Him". Still today nobody cares about their deeds. No intention to offend anyone, due to impact of Kaliyug, people do not hesitate in doing anything wrong. At their workplaces, they are constantly attentive to the CCTV cameras, then why they forget that Lord is also watching them constantly and they should be aware and hesitant to do anything wrong. Now from somewhere answer comes which i wrote in first para, that it is because their nature is such. Past Bad deeds are making them to do wrong again and again. I fear a day will come when there will be dearth of good people and such a day can lead this world to its end.

This letter was received by us to post on this blog, so that devotees can read and pray for the devotee. But after reading it we decided to share download link, as there are few instances in it which cannot be published here openly. The letter is being shared breaking rule of "First Come First Serve" as it was need of time and after reading it, each reader will justify our decision. The devotee writting this letter not only wants prayers, but also needs helping hands. I request devotee readers to put in their advice, so that it might help the devotee in true way.

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    your story is really painful...Daily i pray to sai maa to give me a job n other silly things...but the pain you are suffering from is totally unbearable...I can't say anything i am speechless how you survived till today...Even i am feeling that you are like sai maa for me....Only a divine power like you would survive in such critical if all these things would happen to me i wouldn't have survived..But anonymous ji i make it a point to pray for you daily...I dont know whether i am a good person or bad person as i have many negative points but seriously i want to be your friend so that atleast i will listen to your pains and will try to help you as much as i can...But one thing i can do and its for sure that i will pray for you daily

  2. @anonymous ji

    During prayers to sai maa i opened a chapter randomly for a solution to your problem that chapter was of bhimaji paatil where he wanted sai maa to cure his disease but sai maa answered that he who step towards masjid maayi,all his sorrows and pains will come to an end..n he created sai vrat.....So i request you to start sai vrat as soon as possible and try to visit shirdi and i know sai maa will surely let your suffering to came to an end and i believe when you will visit shirdi that day will be the end of suffering...and i will pray to sai maa to find a handsome and most importantly caring,loving and understanding groom.
    Om Sai Ram

  3. I am speechless....I will now go to Baba right away and ask him to give you a good life and reduce your pain as much as possible....May baba bless you always....Please dont worry...He will take care of you...

  4. I request the lady to please approach the following numbers and explain the situation immediately. We find that there are instances of abuse here, which need to be dealt with by the concerned authorities.

    Women police station, Thousand lights 044-28293958,044-23452685
    Women Police Station, Adayar 044-24415732,044-23452586

    Since the lady has used Tamil words, I assume that she is from Chennai. Even otherwise, she could contact the women police station at her city/town as soon as possible and inform them about the situation.

    I pray that Sai gives her the courage to take the necessary action. I am sure NGOs need to be appraised of her situation; they will be able to take it forward from here.

    Sai never leaves his devotees to suffer forever. Let us not stop with praying for this lady, and instead show her the right path by helping her.

    Sai Ram.

  5. you have been holding on to sai maa all these years...irrespective of great pain n sufferings..
    have faith in him n remember him constantly....
    he is always there for you n he wont abandon you ...
    i pray for you to our sai maa to give you all the happiness in your life...
    just hold on a little more....sai is always there with you...

  6. I am sure Baba will send somebody to help you and take away your pain. Please do not stop working. It is important for you to be financially independent.Just believe in one thing if baba is with you ,nobody can do black magic on you.We will pray for you.May baba bless you with a good ,loving life partner.You are Baba's child and from now on believe in the fact that you need to be treated with respect.Build up your self confidence.Baba will help you.

  7. I am trembling hearing your story. Oh god Saideva! I hope you will bless your child. I think probably it's time for you to go to Shirdi and stay there for some time, be in his safe hands and he will take care of you. Baba has always helped people in distress who came to Shirdi and he will surely bless you too.
    May Baba bless you in abundance.

  8. Dear sister,It's paining me a lot..It might be some past karma giving you so much of trouble.Dont worry..Keep on chanting Sai's name.I'm sure..Sai never lets you down.The phase you are going through will definitely be ended some day.Sai will surely bless you with an understanding and good husband.The amount of your pain you faced will be converted into joy in your wil be in my daily prayers sister..we are all with you..Sai always cares you...Be prepared to enjoy the life sai is going to bless you with a good husband and family..I had gone through hell for 12 years and sai blessed me with a good husband.It will happen to you also sister..keep praying and we all will be praying for you..Now the story has no happy ending..but one fine day we will see your post with a sai miracle in your life with happy ending..
    Jai Sai ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  9. I am so saddened by reading your story it's just unbelievable that in this day and age this all is happening please do get in touch with the authorities and contact the numbers mentioned above you have been extremely brave and Baba has helped you and will always help you I will pray to Baba to give you strength to get out of this terrible situation please stand up and fight against this injustice yes never leave your job you definitely need the financial independence praying for you...

  10. I puked on reading this. Does God/ Guru exist? Reading about the hell this lady has been through, the unequivocal answer is HELL NO. Or even if they did, they seem to have misplaced the kindness, which the devotees portray them to be full of. Karuna sagar? Yeah, right!! Omnipotent, omnipresence, omniscience? A big HA. Oh, right, I hear the devotees jump to the defense of their respective Gods/ Gurus - the lady's karma must be so bad... That's probably the only excuse they can come up with for their God/Guru's lack of kindness, understanding and willingness to act. Dear Lady, only thing is stop wasting time reading the fairy tales in SSC/ whatever you read and get ready to kick the asses of people who hurt you. Nobody will come to your help. Definitely not God/ Guru.
    The only question i ask - where has this sai been while this lady has been through this trauma? Ah, yes! He has been with her, carrying her in his hands during the times of the trouble.

    1. I better ask u to not discourage her,even if not to encourage!!! Here is the answer for ur question, whre is god,when the lady underwent the trauma.. well,did you appreciate god when you had been definitely better than this sister,who went thr' the toughest pain?? if u dint, u cant find fault now on HIM! God is not ur thing to use, only when you find trouble. HE is a soap,who cleans you but again, you have to take the initiative to take it and use it properly. Though the dirt on us,is extremely tough to be cleaned, HE,by HIS grace, cleans it at a stretch,"IF U TAKE THE INITIATIVE". It needs the extreme faith,devotion,patience and perseverance.. And if u call these "FAIRY TALES", trust me, you are inviting the most toughest filth on yourself.I am not threatening that god will punish you. I m just telling you the truth of inviting the trouble, when you insult a GURU, because of the intensity of the devotion and love of the DEVOTEES like ME on HIM. Again, you will have to ask HIM for the apologies and by his VAST KINDNESS AND COMPASSION,HE will take no notice of your faults and will relieve you of this sin!!!

  11. sai baba, today, you just lost yourself a devotee.

  12. sai maa please listen to everyone are merciful..please let her sufferings came to an end....don't let her wait for a single second....maa she suffered a lot..Give her a nice husband and a family which she ever wanted to have....please see her with your merciful eyes and let her past deeds over now.....

  13. iam choked up over reading this, wish that babaji certainly reduce the trauma u been into, dont worry he will take care of u. Probably make a move to shirdi and stay there for a while.i pray babaji that ur sufferings come to an end, give u handsome hunk and caring husband. Babaji please make this or ur world a place to live.Sure u will get to see good things in life. Sairam

  14. Dear Sai sister,
    After experiencing Hell in your life, you still got your graduation done somehow ( with sai's grace I suppose ) now when u r graduate have a job why you are still with your parents? Why don't u leave the place,city,state. Go to new place and start a fresh new life. Sai has given u talent, strength that u can stand on your on feet. Why fear when baba is there with you.
    If u have full faith in him, put your foot in new world and see how He takes you to heaven
    I pray that Baba gives you courage and guides u to a beautiful life.

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  15. Dear Sister, I read your painful story.First of all you pray Baba for strength to fight against such evil suggestion to you and all devotees never expect Baba to show white magic to solve your hurdles and pain . Come down to earth face the problem and fight against evil people. I m sure Baba will definitely help you.Have faith in Sai Baba and fight against those people who made your life hell.You help yourself then Baba will surely help Sai Ram.

  16. Dear Sai Sister,

    After going through your story i am left speechless. I must say you are a very very strong women.I find myself so silly.The troubles that we come across in our day to day lives is nothing compared to what you have been going through for years together.NO are certainly NOT a sinner.How can you be when you have been blessed with so much of endurance. Sai Maa has been by your side.I have this intuition that your suffering is going to end very soon by Sai Maa's blessing.Will pray for you to Sai Maa every moment.Please call the numbers provided.Besides,you are an educated women.A woman of substance. It's better you get away from that nasty place. You can find a job and support yourself.I am sure Sai Maa will bless you with a loving husband.You have had enough and despite the hardships you have fought back bravely. Sai Maa will surely bless you. We are all with you.Our best wishes and blessings are with you.May Sai Maa shower you with His blessings.


  17. Sai Ram Sister,
    I ve no words to respond also , one thing i can do is pray sai deva to take u out of this pain, even i ve issues with my parents as they quarell so was askin baba wats happening he gave me ans through ur life tat my prob is nothin, he ll definitely not leave ur hand we all sai devotees ll pray for u, pls try to leave tat place if u ve any frnd in other city go thr n do any job but leave tat place they are worst than beasts see thr might be any person who can help u out

  18. Hats off to you for surviving all this for so long. Dont underestimate your own strength.
    Pray to baba and be so strong that you can make every possible effort to get out of this situation.After reading your problem I am ashamed to refer to my issues as PROBLEM any more.You are a women and we are blessed with an inner strenght that is incomparable.I pray to god that you use your stregth to out of this rut and get the help of authorities.Baba is watching everybody and he is just testing you.You have to realise that its enough now its time to stop all this!!All we can do is pray but you have to do the rest and baba will show you the way.
    Be strong sister ,help might be just around the corner.
    Om Sai Ram.

  19. Dear Sister,

    Omsairam.I m very sorry for you as u had to suffer so much in ur own family.I am so shocked to read ur life till now.U r so so and so strong.u r not a weak person.we all have some or the other small or big problems in life but good time comes.but when i read about ur past and present life,i felt so bad as u never ever lived a happy day or u were never ever mentally free.U dont worry at all as baba is with you.He will tale you out of this hell for sure.u just remember him every second and in ur every breath.I will always pray for ur better life..MY ONE ADVICE IS THT U HAVE TO FIGHT FOR URSELF UNTILL U WIN.WHY SHOULD OTHERS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU.U R VERY STRONG AND U HAVE TO COME OUT FROM THIS HELL AND ONLY UR WILL POWER ND DEVOTION WILL TAKE U AHEAD.PLEASE TRY AND MAKE AN EFFORT TO BE HAPPY AND POSITIVE AS BABA ALSO WANTS TO SEE HER DAUGHTER HAPPY..OM SHRI SAI NATHAY NAMAH.MAY GOD BLESS U WITH A VERY HEALTHY LIFE

  20. I am speechless, but I firmly believe that Sai Maa will definately help you.

    Have firm belief in Sai Baba and your troubles will come to an end. Only Shee Sai mercy and Blessings will be your guiding force.

  21. hi friend.. after reading ur post. all i wanted to tel u is.. its high time for u to stay der in ur home. jus walk out.. instead of being wit dem n suffering on everyday basis better go out n stay wr u hav safety.. der r so many hostels n pg accommidation so take a step ahead..inform ur parents n walk out.. don run away u hav not done anything wrong to run away from dem without informing.. inform dem n walk out.U R A GRADUATE.. Its means u hav good education n work exposure u hav better future.. concentrate on career.. jus don bother abt ur parents..coz dey don worth it.jus because dey gave birth dey cant b parent it means a lot.. which ur parents doesn know ABC of it.. ITS UR LIFE, U HAV TO TAKE CARE.
    and coming to people surrounding u.. s dis society is like dat dey comment on u even if u r good n even if u r bad.. so jus ignore if u keep breaking ur head for evrythin u cant survive.. DEY KEEP CHASING U UNTIL U KEEP RUNNING,JUS STOP N TURN BACK N U START CHASING DEM.. FOR DIS AL U WAN IS BLODNESS..C it is our god gift dat everyone hav super power within us.. so start using it.. U r like anyother human on dis earth u lack nothing from others.. eve teasing n gossiping n al let dem do.. for dat u don give ur ears U JUS KNOW WAT U R .. U hav to answer to ur self consciuous no one else..



  22. I'm so sorry for what you are going through, this is so so sad. Nobody should go through this. However as a grown up educated & working woman you are only as helpless you think you are.
    You are incredibly brave, there is absolutely no reason for you to stay with those horrible people you call family.
    You should just walk out of your home, find a place for yourself & live on your own. Get the help of police or any women's organisation if your family interferes.
    Living alone by yourself may not be safe but so is your home or probably worse.
    God helps those who help themselves. As much as I pray you get a good husband, you should first find your strength. Stand up for yourself, only you have the power to stop this abuse.
    Get out of there ASAP, baba is with you.

  23. you have suffered enough take control of ur life only you can change things just leave anything will be better than what you have gone through you are unfortunate as both your parents are bad . I have had evil parents as well only way forward is to cut them out LEAVE...

  24. Dear Darling, to tell u frankly i was reading the story halfway and i just couldnt not continue reading it. I feel like a knife thru my heart. I feel like cursing your father. Im sorry. Im a girl too and i have a daughter!!! OMG. SAI MA, im begging you with my head on ur feet to save this girl! SAI MA, u have no choice. i dunno wat else to say girl. i just u were here in malaysia, i would definitely taken u out from that hell you are going thru. Do me a favour, do all of us a favaour, please get out from there as soon as possible. PLEASE, im begging you. Please enroll yourself in an orphanage or somewhere where you think its safe. I seriously dunno if the India Police Station is a safe place. I see in movies they are corrupted as well. Girl, i feel so sad and im crying while im typing this.U please please take care of yourself k. I love you so so so much, BABA..pls BABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA how could u have let this happen to this girl? Are we womens slave for the Man kind on earth?? BABA,please really begging you...girl, i didnt finish reading the story you posted. I dont have the, but im sure, baba will DEFINELY be with you heart and soul...

  25. Baba do not give such painfull life to anyone. why are u not taking her out from that situation. Her parents are very cruel, for their own child they are giving so much of torture. How can you keep quiet and seeing all these. please baba take out her from all those situation and atleast give her good life..please please sai maa





  27. You dont have to go thru all this... I have been thru a lot of similar situations, and trust me I know exactly how it feels like, all the pain and suffering. I have been thru hell as well and throughout my journey I have tested Sai Baba thoroughly. A lot of people here might not agree/get offended by my following comments, my advice to them is to ignore it. My point here is dont wait upon Sai Baba to take some action or perform some miracle, just take action by yourself. I have tested him and so far He has been nothing more than useless, in fact, 99% of my problems are becoz of SaiBaba himself. Those who dont agree I dont care to explain. He comes to my dreams every other night to show me how arrogant or ahankari I am, or to give me 9 coins and ask me to worship him, he shows me 100 miracles in a day when I dont need them but not one when I would want a miracle or expect Sai to help me, he follows me around like a ghost and is everywhere no matter where I go even though he knows that it just adds to my frustration, he would give me everything except the only thing I want, and he does that for even the smallest. My point here is Sai baba does not care, he already has millions of blind followers and worshippers, and a golden throne where he is sitting quietly carelessly and waiting for another round of aarti. My point is that, dont wait for SaiBaba, he only does miracles according to His own convenience. He wouldnt care about a damn thing and rather come to your dream and blame your karma or past lives for that, which is again a very convenient thing.
    My suggestion is try moving out peacefully, and with everyone's consent. Try finding a job out of your hometown and try to be independent. Its not a very difficult thing to settle down on your own these. Dont offend anyone, since they wont let you live in peace if you hurt their egos. Just try to express them that you are a fully grown up adult capable of making your own decisions, and based on that it is better for you to move out and concentrate on career for a while. There's a whole world of opportunities/possibilities out there for you. They might try to stop you, oppress you, scare you, insult you, defame you, hurt you physically, etc. but you have to have the courage and boldness. They can only hurt you as long as you let them. No law in our country stops you from doing what you want to do the way you want to do it. You have to make hell lot of efforts to get out of this hell, but it is necessary. And dont assume everything will be alright once you get out of this place you call home. There might be more challenges/problems ahead, but atleast there is hope of new possibilities. You can get independent and start living the way you want to, find a nice guy and settle down on your own, there is nothing wrong in that. Remember its your life and nobody, absolutely no-one, gives a damn if you are happy or not, or what your desires are. if you stay here probebly they would force you to marry someone of there own choice, which again might not prove to be good for you.
    Everything I have written here is based on my personal experiences of life. And in absolutely no way I am trying to express that you should stop worshipping Sai Baba/God/Guru. All I am trying to say is do something for your happiness by yourself, rather than waiting, coz lost time cannot be made up for.

  28. Hi Ashkay,

    Everyone has a right to express their feelings.

    But not as a sai devotee, atleast as a being human we are not supposed to criticise other's. May be it's Sai or other human.

    Whatever you said is true. We should work hard,focus on our goal and try to reach it.

    A Sad story sister,

    I suggest you to be very good with your father and mother
    try to be very good daughter and even if you don't it pretend to be good for atleast 6 months and see if they changed anything at all.

    If they changed , ask them search for a marriage alliance.

    In the meantime search for a person in your office to marry . See one of my friend who is widow and a child did not got marry evethough all trials of her parents. But she found a very good person in her office.

    I would not suggest you to go out of your home. Try to talk with your close relatives and family friends about the marriage and don't tell anything so bad about your parents.

    If by any means you get married then most of your problems will be solved.

    Your goal now should be get married and try to do everything what you can do.

    Do your part and pray to sai by all means.

    I strongly believe Sai helps his devotees.

    Try to be nice with every human and not to do bad or talk bad about others.

    If you cannot do pooja in the house try to read saisacharithra everyday and try finish it within a week as many times as you can till you get married.

    Go to Sai temple and do poojas and donate to poor if you can.

    Please post in this blog again if you get better results.

    Wish you all good luck!

  29. JAI SAIRAM AnonymousJi,
    Your story is vry sad story.
    I think it is better for you to come out of that place and live on your own.But we cannot decide whether it'll be good idea for you or not.So I suggest you to ask Baba through the site WWW.YOURSAIBABA.COM whether to go out of that house or not.I am sure that you'll have good life ahead and always follow Baba path and do not become like that stupid people.Because when we are around bad people we'll be affected ad there is chance to become bad.However people behave badly you tr to be good to them.Listen to Baba words and follow his path he'll definitely save you and Sai will give you good future.So please don't think about them and try to improve yourself in all ways.And if Sai agrees please leave that house and start new life.ALWAYS CHANT SAIRAM.
    Baba please help her Please Baba Please help her.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You Baba.

  30. Dear Sister,

    You are qualified. So pray to Baba & look for a job in a far away place or another state far away. Once you move away from that place with Bab's blessings you can be independent on your own & lead your life with his blessings. So Just look for another job & all my payers for you.

    Jai Sai Ram !

  31. Dear Sister. Your story is really painful and I pray to Baba not to give such life to anyone. I think you have suffered a lot till date and please remember that God helps those who help themselves. You have to think of your future now and come out of that hell and start living your own life. Pray to Baba to show you a way to lead respectable life, he will definitely show you a way.
    Don't pay attention to comments by other devotees who say Baba will not save or come to rescue. He will definitely show the way, only thing is we should have faith in him and be true to ourselves. We all are human beings and if thousands and millions are experiencing the miracles of Sai Baba, it means that he comes to save his devotees. If he is not giving us what we are asking us does not mean that he is not there, it means that either we are under influence of our past karmas or Sai Baba has something better for us. Please read Sai Satcharitra daily and if possible read Vishnu Sahshranamam for overall well being. I am pretty confident very soon we will hear back from you about the miracles of Sai Baba in your life.

    Baba please help her, she has waiting long for your blessings.

    Om Sai Ram

  32. Dear sister, I was tearful and sad while reading your story. Please have your faith on BABA, he will definitely show you the light at the end of this dark tunnel for you.

    O my dear baba, please please come to the rescue of your beloved child, she is suffered/ing so much in her life. Please RUN to her and take her into your arms and bless this child of YOURS and give her some peace and security in life.

    Sadguru Sai ki Jai.

  33. Dear devotee,
    My problems look small now when i read your experience..
    i can only say that have patience and i am cent percemt sure that he is going to get you out of this.. For your satisfaction, he got me out of a dpression phase too and i feel very normal normal which i couldnt of thought to happen when i was suffering this mental problem...

    Have faith and i will definitely pray for you!

    JAI SAI RAM...

  34. Hi,

    I am a regular visitor of this blog but I have never once commented on this blog, but this is different. I understand what you are going through. I have also been molested by my own father and went through depression and weight gain for years and it took me a many years to come out of it. I had severe lack of confidence for years and had a lot of friends abuse, rag and take advantage of me. I am also of your age and I can advise you only one thing, please please please..RUN. Run away from them all, I know it is hard to walk away from these people, it is a strange pull and it feels very very scary to step out but you owe it to yourself to run away from this and start a new life.

    It is possible to start a new life, Baba will help you at each step do not worry about it, but you need to take the first step so that Baba can help you. Your parents will never allow you to be married because they are worried that the truth of what they have done to you will come out. So please don't wait for a husband, just run away from that house to a new city where you can start fresh. It would be best if you can go to a city where you have a friend so that you can stay there and look for a job, whatever you do don't fall into wrong hands go someplace you can trust and start a new life. Don't tell these people where you are. They have no black magic hold on you, this you need to believe. There is no black magic in the world that can affect you when Baba is a part of your life. Today after all these years after I ran away from the abuse I started my own life and started fresh with Baba's life and I am happily married and settled. This can be your life too, all you need to do is to have the courage and conviction to take the first step to walk away and baba will take care of the rest.HE is your true Father trust in him.

  35. sairam sister!!i am deepthi.i had gone through you experience in devotees experiences.oh my GOD its really very painful how could you bear all the pain that you have experienced!!!while reading about your father really if there is a chance to see yur father i would really curse him like anytng!!but being a devotee of SAI BABA we should not tnk like that and we should leave the rest of the things to him only.sister please dont get worried!!we are all there to pray for your welfare and for your good you started worshipping BABA,the situation itself indicates that your problems are going to get solved otherwise you couldnt have chance to worship defnetly one day BABA solves all your problems and gives you good life. you have undergone all these sufferings due to the past please dont get depressed and as a girl i can understand the feel and the pain you have gone as 2mrw is thursday defnetly i would pray for you till my last BABA cares for you alot and we too pray for you said that you are not allowed to go out u better spend your time b4 BABA idol and pray him.he will defnetly show you the way.sister though its the wrong advice but according to your situation it suits better come out of that hell and go to the persons whom you trust more and be careful that you dont fall in wrong you said that you have done engineering and i hope you have good communication skills,so through these skills you please try the basic jobs like data entry jobs and as you have touch in consultancy jobs,you try for the best job that you can do.all that i can say is dont take hasty decisions in any situation.i beg u.we are all there for you to pray BABA.without his sankalpa we wont do please dont loose your courage and be strong enough to face the will get the support you expect.dont worry BABA will take care of everytng.take care sister bye.JAI SAIRAM

  36. Devotee of Saibaba:
    I have read your letter and it is very painful.
    One thing I would like to say is past is past.
    No one can change it and you can always mould your future.
    You said that you are a graduate and completed your studies.You are old enough to move out and live your own life. Even though jobs are getting tough now, try to find something which would meet your ends first at some of your friend's place.
    You have gone through hell. Please sit down for few minutes, take God's name and write down the names of all people whom you can trust and who truly care about you. Think about all the things you are good at. You do not have to get a job in your field to start up and be independent. That would take some time. Try to get something soon and preferably out of your town to get out of this nonsense.Curve your career in your field once you get a little bit settled in your job.
    Coming to your past, I have heard lot of real abuse stories.Since our society does not speak about this, people do not talk out. But statistics show that 30 percent of women have some abuse problems in various scales. What I am trying to tell you is that you are not alone out there. People like you have suffered, but maybe not to your extent. Accidents happen in life, and you cannot change it. You have lots of endurance strength.Please try to get out of what happened and try to find a job. That can only get you out of that place or go to any of your friend's place in other cities, to find a job.
    Sometimes our world is made by the people around us, and they dictate our happiness and sadness. I am sorry for you, since you have a such a worse family. But try to get away from these people.
    You seem to have the utmost faith in Baba.But you need to move out first and then Baba will surely start helping you.God gives miracles when only he is the last hope or if there is no way giving life to a person who is about to die. When you have a possibility to move out, do not wait for GOD to come in and tell you that. Miracles happen when things go next to impossible.
    Do not be afraid to go out of your house and stay outside with a job, because Baba will be there with you every moment since you believe in him so much. Also when GOD wants you to have faith and patience, that does not mean that you have to suffer like that every day, and suddenly one day everything will change.
    God will help you when you first take the step. He can help you to get a job through a friend or something like that. But please do not just sit at that house and cry that nothing is happening and blame it on bad karma.I have seen that with many sai devotees. Do not do that. I do not want to comment any karma concept here, get out of that house and start looking for jobs.And believe me, that God will be there with you each and every moment.
    I have read that you want to get married to get out of all this nonsense. How would you know how your future husband would be? Because your situation has been so worse, do not just go for an arranged marriage. I know that it is every woman's dream to get a happy husband. But such things take time.Being independent has become a very important priority in today's lifestyle. So do not wait for any guy to come to you and get married and take you out of that hell. Its good if such things happen.
    But, you need to move out and then try to find a good person yourself and your friend's help.
    If you suffered so much, you are very strong. It is much better to go and live outside and face daily issues rather than living in that hell.


  37. Sister,

    Sai baba is always there for you and for every one...
    Be bold and courages, only then you can win in this Kaliyug. Move out of the house and live your own life. You are 31 now, so don't be afriad, you may even lodge a police complaint against your family or the best way is, relocate to a new place and start your new life.

    For your family and friends who ill treated and harrassed you, leave it to Baba. He is the Creator, preserver and Destroyer.

    Please call Baba from your bottom of the heart and he will definetly stand by you, infact there is no need for us to Pray. Baba is very kind hearted and cares a lot for his devotees and I am sure Baba will make sure that rest of your life will go very smooth and very happy. Being a Baba devotee why are you scared of Black Magic? nothing can harm baba devotees...just take baba name when ever you can and where ever you can. Always remember sai...this is the only worship needed nothing else.

    Sister, I truly wish you good luck and again Sai is with you and every sai devotee prayers are with you.

    Jai Sai Ram...

  38. BABA pl help this devotee of urs to come out of her problems.Whatever be her past karma,she needs help right away.Pl save her before something even more worse happens to her.Dont test her SABURI anymore BABA.

  39. dear sister,

    I'm speechless..

    but i'm sure that everything will be fine soon..take right decision..definitely sai hepls u..sai knows everything..sai watching everyones pls dnt worry..have faith in sai.

    BABA pls help her..

    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  40. Dear Ashkay, I would like to reply to your above comment you made on Shri Sai Nath.

    First of all, I am not sure what made you leave such negative comments on Baba. I am not saying that you should not speak out. But having said that there is a way to express your feelings....

    Have you completely read "Shri Sai Satcharita"?? what have you understood from it? Baba never cared for anything in life? Blessed and lucky were those who lived during the times of Baba. Taking the form of a human, he lived a very very simple life and all along, he always preached equality, kindness, peace and love. He treated every one equally, no one was more or no one was less. All were equal to him just like 2 eyes.

    Baba himself went through a lot and many a times he took over devotees burdens on him. He was not the one sitting and watching, he was always worried and concerned about others.

    I am a strong devotee of Baba, I have 2 daughters. Since my first child was a daughter, every one hoped in my family including myself that my wife will give delivery to a baby boy but we again had a girl. I did pray to Baba and requested for a Baby boy including my mother. But when we had a baby girl again for second time, I was not disppointed but just felt a little sad and again took it as a Baba blessing. I know that what ever Baba does is for our good. Although my mother was disappointed, i cheered her up telling it's upto Baba. So there is no need to worry!! so in my case, I never felt angry or disappointment. Even though we are his devotees, he doesn't give everything we ask because he knows very well what what we are capable of and again this is a blessing in disguise.

    Lot of incidents have happened to me in the similar manner. Although I was getting a little frustated, I again said to myself "Everything happens for a reason" and consoled myself.

    But when I needed something very badly, I used to pray to Baba whole heartedly and with a humble request and he just gave it to me. I even prayed for others and miracoulusly he blessed them, including a child who was suffering from Cancer overseas and needed almost 1 Million $$ for getting treated in USA. After praying in less than 3 weeks, I saw an article on this Little Girl how a local soccer team helped raise the funds. Is this not Baba's this there are lot many!!

    So in your case, you need to be more humble. You have also written that you have tested Baba? is it possible??? even great saints during the time of Baba tried and were utter shocked when they realized and saw the real form of Baba. He was no other than Ram, Mahavishnu, Allah, Jesus...etc.

    Baba never cared for any praise or any Golden Throne as what you mentioned, lot of things were gifted to Baba during his days by many rich and wealthy people but he cared a fig for it. He created us and this beautiful world. All he wanted was to see that we humans live with Love and Peace and that was his whole purpose of taking the human form.

    Here, I am not trying to argue or put you down. All I am saying is, if you really need something from Baba then, be humble and pray him from your bottom of your heart and then see what Baba does. Baba only needs love and devotion, not Golden Thrones or anything what you mentioned.

    Through out the life of Baba, many people including Civil Servants, Saints, Astrologers tried testing or showing their superiority to Baba but what a foolishness isn't it?

    Here is a link to miracles of Baba by an Adarent Devotee Late Shri Dr. Ramaswami. Please read it.

    Servant of Sai.

  41. Dear sister,

    It is a pathetic experience you have been undergoing. But, you should survive.Believe me that none can believe complaints against parents especially against a mother, unless she is a step-mother. It is my personal experience.They say mother is a mother, instead they think that we are arrogant towards our parents.

    Pray to Baba, be determined and try to get a job as early as possible and insist to your mother that at any cost you are going to join the job.Once you get a job,cut-off all your ties with your family and join a ladies hostel or never mind an orphanage and continue your job which will make you independant and you can stand against any such evil storms in this kaliyug.
    Take in confidence of any good person and marry him after confirming that he is a good gentleman.By your experiences it is evident that your home is not safe with such a nasty father, you may fall victim to his behaviour, as there are many such incidents.Moreover, if your father is of that behaviour atleast your mother should protect you from him, that is also wanting in your mother, and your brothers are equally irresponsible, so where is the security for you. Before anything goes wrong secure any small job and move out to an orphanage, then you will automatically find a way and peace in life.

    Always pray BABA.

    May God protect you and show you some good way for your survival.

  42. Dear Sister,

    I read your sad story.Whatever has happened has happened!Please do not recall it again and again,for it will create more tension!Before saying anything I would like to request you,never allow your mind to doubt Shirdi Sai Baba,as I read in previous comments,that there are some gentlemen who blame Sai Baba for their problems in life!I don't know as what to say to them,as I cannot understand what is in their minds?

    Whatever,first of all be firm in your faith.Your faith must be strong like a rock!Now always remember one thing "GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES"!! Learn to help yourself,then and then only will you receive the grace of Lord Sai Baba!!Tell me one thing,until now,from your childhood,are you not having any single friend?This is not possible!You must have any single friend!Tell your friend about your problems and ask for help! I am sure your friend will help you!

    And,if really you are not having any friend,then make yourself as your friend!Be brave,be bold enough to take decisions in your life!Never believe in fatalism.If you really think that you are living in a hell,then make yourself out of this hell! First search for a job,if not openly,then secretly as you must be financially independent!If you want to make yourself settle,then search for a guy yourself,if your parents are not searching for him!Kick the society,because until and unless you take the flow of your life in your hands,you can do nothing to help yourself!!

    Search for a job secretly as I know it would not be possible for you to do it openly!Make yourself financially independent!Shift to a rented house,leaving your home,which is not more than a hell!Then make friends in your office!It is essential! You must have friends to help you at the appropriate time!And I am sure,you will find one day a guy for which you are looking for! Maybe he is the one from your friends list!

    Do not loose hope!Do not cry!Be bold enough to help yourself!Never blame BABA or your fate for the problems you are facing!It is foolishness!Only fools do this!Now stand and march forward,as a bright and shining future is awaiting for you!This is my faith in BABA!And remember, BABA is always there to help you!Look in your heart,which is His seat!He is always there to help you with a smile on His face!May GOD bless you! May you receive His grace!

    ||OM JAI SAI RAM||

  43. Brothers/Sisters,

    Some of the comments i read were directly/indirectly blaming Sainath for People sufferings.

    It is very obvious that we humans are very selfish and we only appreciate when we are benifited!! so in this case, we have not spared the almighty as well.

    How can the Almighty be blamed for our fate? what ever we do in the past, we face it in the future or in the next birth. This has been repeatedly said in most of our holy books. So why blame Baba for everything?

    Many Baba devotees went through lot of hardships in shiridi and else where even when Baba was living but Baba did not change their life in a took time and definetly those people were relieved.

    It's a human nature that we forget appreciations and help easily and always remember the bad part and miserables in life. When we find no one to be blamed then we put it on our Creator (the almighty) This is completely wrong...

    "Always work Hard" Try to be Kind to humans and animals as well, Rich and Poor are equal and same, treat every one with respect, try to be Honest (doesn't mean we can't do business as most of them claim if we are honest we can't do business)

    God is every where and in every one!! if we think in this way, our life will start to change and progress will definetly be achieved.

    Jai Sai Ram...

  44. Very true anonymous ji we cant blame Sai maa for our sufferings, Dear akshay u fail to realise love of Sai maa you say he shows miracles at his convinience kno , they are not miracles he gives u strength each time by showing his presence, wat ever strength or strong thinkin u have now its oly because of sai baba u may not agree for it, jus once feel his love, wat have u given him so tat he should love u so much his love is unconditional, now u may tell that because he wants ur worship so he is after u to this i tell as u told baba has millions of devotees if u don worship sai it doesnt matter and there are so many devotees who love him whole heartedly and crave to feel his presence,even though you avois deva he comes after you i am jus having tears thinkin that you are not valuing his love it clearly shows that you are not having faith in sai,if you dont have fine keep it to your self don publically tell that because it ll hurt evry one who read it because this blog is so pure that it gives strength to millions of sai devotees who are in pain because of ur comments ppl who are new to this blog may feel insecure ,its my humble request pls don blame Baba like this as it hurts a lot,One question to u "Do you leave your mother when she fails to fulfil your desires knowing that its not your worth?", so put up with wat comes akshay no one can escape but i am very sure that when Baba is with you he will minimise the pain with his love and fulfil your desires only if they are worth fulfilling because he kno's the future not we.

    Satchitananda samartha sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai

  45. Jai Sai Ram...

    Baba Power is endless and he is the Ruler of this Universe. Nothing can go un-noticed from Baba and nothing can happen without his command.

    He is the Supreme and he is the Creator of this Universe. Let's love Baba and thank him from the bottom of our hearts and let's always wish and pray for baba as well.

    Your Child.

  46. Baba please help me baba. I need your immedieate help.i performed 9 week vrath and read sai satcharith, even i am facing problem now. you know about my problem, please save me baba. please save me from this problem. i know i need sradha and saburi , but time is too short, please show your miracle on my life. save my job sairama. please save my job sairama.

  47. Baba please shw your kind eyes on me. things are going worst now. please sairama, save my job. save my job.

  48. Sister.Please follow one have to fight for are 31+ year old.go to police station and fire a report against your family..go to human rights and female rights and talk to them.they will help you.I will pray for you.everyone will pray for you.take care.sis..11 sentence of shirdi sai baba will never fail.Om Sai Ram


  50. It is very hard to fight bullies especially if they are your family . My dad was controlling and a bully 28 years ago i got married still to this day he takes his life frustration on me .My mother did not have much say as she too was bullied by him . She too did not connect with me and my siblings, she never cuddled us , my parents were always fighting life was hell for the first 23 years of my life . My dad is educated .my mother fell ill few years ago he used to look after her , but also beat her up she could not defend herself as she was suffering from progressive supra nucelier palsy , she is now dead . My dad has a favourite in my younger sister who is favourite she can do nothing wrong and i can do nothing right ... she does not love him but wants all his money so she and her husband just wanted me out of their way ... I tried to fight my way but it has been a battle lost now told him that i am walking out of his life ... but i should have done this years ago when he was beating my mother .... now i am still not at peace coz i always think why ... i was dealt the worse cards where my family is concerned

  51. Walk and don't look back ... don't suffer because they will not change you will have to have the courage to get out ...





    1. Here is a link to sai divya pooja -

  54. I cant able to read the above experience. can u please send it to me @ mail ID

  55. @Anonymous ji,

    Sai Ramji,
    Kindly download attachment for experience.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

    1. i am not able to download it as it says link not available any more...please do send me the link to my

    2. thats true even i cant see the link hetal ji....kindly check it once

    3. Yeah it says the file does not exist anymore I know you see this comment Hetalji so update it or do something because I can't see it

  56. Jai Sai Ram
    Dear i read your whole story really it's very much painful. I don't know why such a peoples are like a evil. your family is so much bad. Hey Sai Nath Baba It's a humble request to you from my heart please help her to come out from this painful life and give her a good guy for marriage. Dear i feel very bad to read out your story....but it will no longer with you don't worry Baba is with you always. He will definitely help you, praise you.Every day has a new hopes so wait for that. you have always a shiny day in coming life....God Bless You dear
    Shri Sachida Nand Samasth Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai....

  57. Can anybody tell me how to read Hetal Ji's comment as they are not visible.

    Please anybody tell me how to perform Sai Divya Pooja?

  58. I was dumbstruck reading your sad story. It seems you are ashamed of something that is not your fault at all. The man who calls himself your father needs to be in prison and you need to lodge a police complaint. Lord Sai will surely help you. Prayers and thoughts are with you. Please stay strong

  59. I hope that your problems have been solved ... please update ... may baba bless you and all the devotees Sai ram

  60. Dearest Babaji,
    You are Kindest in this world i beg u please help her Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Show your mercy on her.....Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Babaji Helpppppppppppppp her u help everyone who come to u plz show ur love to her as well.

    The Lady,
    Though I dont know u but dont feel alone. you are member of this sai family and surely there are many who are praying for u...Dont worry Everything will be fine and that too will be soon and also give us the good news when u get married to a nice gentleman...May Babaji pour his blessings on u and convert your sufferings in happiness
    Take Care
    Om Sai Ram

  61. Sairam,

    I m praying
    wholeheartly baba to bless you with good life..In this kaliyug,he is the real affectionate mother,search for job and earn a living ,surely baba will bless you with good life partner..

  62. I really am speechless, but you are blessed with so much of patience and faith. This will definitely not go unnoticed by baba. He loves us all, and I pray that you will be showed the way out from all this soon. I also believe that Baba will be at your side in any decision you will make, so don't hesitate to make any bold decision which you think will help you out of this horrible place dear..

    Sai Ram


      Its only because of baba's grace and ur sincere prayers i was able to live all these years.While i wrote the above story i was in much toughest situation so the explanation may be wrong.I didnt complete the graduation i discontinued my studies are only upto 12th std.If u could help me for maths online tutor job/free home based medical transcription job/simple freelancer projects,etc..that could be very much useful for me..kindly reply me to


    3. Sujatha here:My correct email id is kindly excuse me for the inconvenience

  64. The download link doesn't work...

    1. Kindly offer me a job

  65. The download link is not working

    1. Sai Ramji

      The download link is now working. Sorry for inconvenience caused.

    2. DEAR SAIBROTHERS AND SAISISTERS...My email is contact me here

    3. Sujatha here: My yahoo email was not working i really dont know what the problem was...kindly forgive me the email is this is the correct email id

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  67. Sainath,
    Kindly bless her by solving all her miseries and showering her with abundant success, happiness and peace in life.

  68. I'm very happy to share my experience. Realy baba is great,I'm also doing sai divya pooja 11 weaks for my marriage, now i'm 25 years old i could not get marriage i'm so feel bad, so i pray for baba and do this divya pooja,i pray to baba before fenishing sankalpa pooja i want to get any alliance, at the same beginig of this pooja i put 2chits one is before 11 weaks i get alliance another one after i get, I select chit that is before pooja i get alliance. i started this pooja on july i fenished this pooja 15 september,i get alliance on 14 september i pray everyday to baba with tears,last weak also i feel very sad pooj will be come to end why baba is not responds me like that, but now he help for me i'm so happy. Really baba is very very great still he is living inthis world. He need only belive that is it. I believe baba thanks to baba.

  69. I salute you. I don't know how you're surviving. From last 1 year I am facing many personal as well as professional problems. I was thinking that "Why me??". But after reading your story I am really shocked.
    SAI BABA only want two things from you that is 1) Faith and 2) Patience.
    Have faith in your SAI MAA. Trust your SAI MAA. Have patience. Have confidence in your self. Something good is waiting for you!

    Om Sai Ram


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