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Sainath Baba Saved Me - Sai Devotee Meera

Sai sister Meera ji has been sharing her incredible experiences from time to time on this blog. Here is one more for all of us.
Sai Sister Meera ji from USA says: Dear Hetal ji, I was anyway thinking of posting my recent experiences of Baba's grace on me and my family. Reading this post made me do it right now.

I went to Atlanta to be with my 5 year old and 16 month old grand daughters for their Spring Break vacation. Both of them go to Day care center as both parents are working full time job. Well, I went on Wednesday and the following Wednesday my son and his wife broke a surprise to me that they are thinking of taking me to Disney World. This was never ever dreamed of. Almost 14 hours of drive to Florida from Atlanta, both of them working till Thursday evening and to be at Disney World for just 2 days and that too with 2 such small kids is really too much to even think of.

Well, they made the booking and off we went. We enjoyed the drive as well as the stay at the hotels and at Disney world; we were very pleasant and normal. We could do all activities that they had planned. Now while returning, I was in the back seat and was half asleep as the kids were sleeping and no music/radio etc going on. Everything was quiet. We were almost half way to our home route, suddenly I woke up with the great horrible sound and I just thought we met with an accident. My son was driving and he calmly said, mummy, don't worry, not a major problem. We just hit the rolling tire and another vehicle hit our bumper and we drove over that tire so the loud noise. Well, we kept going and seemed no problem.

At one of the stop on our way, I sat in the front passenger seat and my daughter in law sat in the back seat to feed the babies. I noticed some strange thumping noise while the car was on the road. My son checked again and felt no major issue except, he thought may be the pipes underneath the car may have been unbalanced due to that mishap.

We reached home late night on Sunday. On Monday, just to make sure everything is well; my son took the car to repair shop. He mentioned that only the front of the bumper has been broken but it won't affect the running of the car and some minor repair, he got it fixed without involving Car Insurance. The car worked fine as usual on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday early morning he took me to airport for my return trip to Sierra Vista. He left the airport without waiting further as he had to reach his job.

I called him to say I am at the boarding gate and security check etc was ok. He did not tell me about the problem he suffered which I came to know, when I reached home here in Sierra Vista. Actually his car had just stopped on the road when I called; he was waiting for towing service as well as he had called his wife to give him ride to his office. Isn't it a Baba's miracle where we did not suffer car stopping on our way back from Disney World, the next two-three days till I reached the airport on time and car stopped working at such a stage, where he could manage to call his wife, his wife could came out from her job to give him a ride and still he could be at his job on time to attend his urgent meeting that he had planned adjusting my airport time.

My mind wonders what if we had met with a major accident on the way in the first place? We did saw 2-3 major accidents on the road and even suffered the heavy traffic build up due to that. What if the car had stopped while we were heading towards the airport? BABA saved us from so many bothering possibilities and made my visit to Atlanta a wonderful trip along with a Disney World trip.

I had written to you about my getting a living accommodation with BABA's blessings. And one major factor, I realized now. The fact about my getting this new apartment is that I could not have been qualified if I did not have a job. I got my job in the month of October 2010, (after almost 5 years being without a job). I received the call from this property manager on November 18, 2010. I told her that I am working part time just 12 hours a week, she mentioned that it has to be at least 20 hours/week and my General Manager at my job gave in writing that due to hour cut, I am working 12 hours / week but will get 20 hours/week sooner. And she accepted that reason. And I got the possession of this apartment on December 2010.

Oh, how perfect is BABA's planning? If I had received the call earlier, I would have not been able to qualify and I would have lost the chance to get this apartment.

Pranaams BABA!

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  1. Om Sairam

    Nice experience.

  2. Jai Sai Ram, Shilpa ji , may you remain blessed ever.

  3. SAI RAM,

  4. Very nice experiences....thanks a lot for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

  5. Om Sai Ram
    Dear all , I would like to share my experience. I started to go to baba mandir recently only after my sister suggestion. Since my marriage is not happening sister suggested to have complete faith on him. I started to write Om sai baba 108 times everyday.and started going to baba mandir every Thursday. On one Thursday in baba mandir I requested baba to show his presence. I came back home. While have chapathi in supper, I found rose petal in that. I felt very happy. I prayed the baba and kept petal with me. Thank you baba for showing your blessings on me. Please always shower your blessings and love on me. Now I am getting lot of girl offers. Iam sure with your blessings my marriage will also happen. Thank you.Om Sai Ram


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