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Experience & Sai Baba's Blessing - Sai Devotee Karthick


Sai Brother Karthick Ji from India says: Hi Hetalji, I am sure you are doing fine. I am very proud to be a Sai Devotee. Please find my experience below. I request you to publish it as this is one of the vows that I have taken after I got one of my wish fulfilled with the grace of Baba:

My name is Karthick and I just want to share my experience recently. I have been working for the past 10 years in IT industry and never really had a chance to go abroad. It is my ambition that I should travel to multiple places and gain good experiences. I stay very close to Sai Baba temple in Bangalore and I always visit the temple.

On one of the occasions when I went to the temple I prayed to Baba that I should stay close to your temple and He did answer my prayers. I got the approval for my travel and I was naturally ecstatic. Since I was travelling to Canada I thought the VISA procedures would be easy and I had asked my wife to quit her job. She had also put down her papers and we were waiting until I heard that VISA procedures for travel to Canada have been tightened. I heard that only one out 11 got their VISA application approved. Adversity makes the man pray harder. This has been my long cherished dream and I was thinking what if it doesn’t get through. People around me gave a lot of hope. I was feeling anxious and hence I started sleeping less. I went to Sai temple regularly and prayed to Baba that things should be good. I visited one of the Sai’s website where one of the devotees was going to Shirdi. I wrote a mail asking the devotee to pray on behalf of me to Baba and get my wish fulfilled. I also found the Sai Vrat book outside Baba temple. I started my fast and the days went by. My application was taking longer and that gave me a positive feeling. People were giving me hope that it will eventually get approved. I also brought your questions and Sai Baba’s answers book. I was thinking about this travel and asked the question to Baba, I got the answer stating that "Leave possessiveness surrender to me, things will happen as you desire" I understood that Baba is there with me.
Days went by and I was getting more anxious as I had not got the response from the embassy. I had a feeling that I would get to know the status on Thursday and I was right. With Baba’s grace, I got the response from the Embassy on Thursday and I was told that my application is approved. I was really happy and excited. I heaved a huge sigh of relief after I received my passport with the VISA stamped on Monday Dec 20th.

I would be travelling to Canada on Jan 3rd 2011 along with my wife and I am determined to carry on my fast on Thursdays even after I go there. Baba has proved yet again that none of His devotees go empty handed if they have pure faith in Him. I am short tempered by nature and my anger has receded a great deal after surrendering myself to Baba. Every month I make it a point to donate to Baba by 1st week of every month for feeding the poor. I wish to serve the needy and I have an unshakeable belief in Baba now. I also want to go to Shirdi after I come back from Canada. May you all get the abundant blessings of Baba and I request you all to help the needy.


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  1. Very nice experience!:)

    May baba bless all his devotees n non-devotees so that they all become his ardent fans! :D


  2. baba :s chamtkar is abundant.baba please bless me.i have been preparing for tomorrow's exam.but i feel the portion is so very vast like an ocean.please help me to do very well in the promotion test to be held on 10 april ,and help me pass with good marks.sai sharanam baba sharanam

  3. JAI SAIRAM.Very nice experience.

  4. he will take care of us. s,we need to take care of needy people

  5. Very nice eexperience...thanks a lot for sharing with us...OM SAIRAM....LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)


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