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A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 2

A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 2
Here in this post again i am sharing few short experiences narrated by Sai devotees.
Sai sister Divya ji says:
Sai has helped me in tough times
Hi hetal,
Thanks a lot for providing devotees with a chance to share their experiences through your blog. I have been experiencing Sai's grace ever since I started believing in him.

Last year my husband applied for his H-1 visa. By God's grace it got approved but finding a job in last year's economy was so tough. We both searched for nearly 2-3 months. There would be interviews set up. My husband would wait for weeks but to our dismay there was no positive response. Meanwhile I had finished reading the "MIRACLE" book of Sai in one week.I also did Satcharitra saptaha parayan. I was so disturbed and used to cry often asking Sai, "You gave us this visa then why don't you help us find a job? Why are you testing me?". I had almost given up hope when an offer came up in last week of November.

My husband was selected and was asked to join in 3 weeks. But his previous company did not let him resign until Dec 3rd week.

I was thinking "Sai you got us this close and now this is happening". My husband somehow convinced the present company to wait for 6 weeks for him. All this happened because of Sai's grace and nothing else.

I too had applied for the dependent visa based on my husband's visa approval. My visa too got approved without showing a salary slip only because of Sai in 2 months time.

I would like to say this to all Sai devotees. Do not lose faith and patience. Sai will help you in times of need. You just need to be more sincere and devoted in your prayers.

Thanks once again
Jai Sairam
Sai sister Anuradha ji says:
Sai is God, the Ultimate
Jai Sairam, I am Anuradha hailing from Chennai, India. I wish to share my experience with All Sai devotees. This miracle has introduced my family particularly me and strengthened my belief in Him. I owe my life to Him.

On 11 Feb 1997, my basic instinct told me to stay back home as both my 12 yr son and husband were not too well. I informed my office for 1 day leave. About noon my husband stopped responding to medicines, his temperature rose to 104 degree. The attending doctor advised me to get Kumar - my husband hospitalized. By then he had developed seizures and had drifted into a state of unconsciousness. Blessing in disguise, my son was better.

The doctors in the Hospital gave him just 48 hours as he had been diagnosed with Acute Pnuemococal Meningitis, CRITICAL situation where the virus or bacteria has entered the innermost membrane of the brain. I panicked and informed his family. Until this incident although i had heard about Sai Baba, I did not believe him as he was human. It was then my sister in law wanted me to start reading Sai Satcharita with a earnest prayer to cure my husband. I started reading on TUESDAY that is the day he was admitted around 11.00 pm non stop continued the next day, when on Thursday exactly after 48 hours the Doctor informed me that he had gained conscious, but gave me a shock that, even if he survives he will be in vegetative state. My blind faith in Baba did not deter me. I prayed and continued to read until I completed by Tuesday the next week. I found him SHOWING SIGNS of recognition on the 15th day. In about 45 days, his memory was slowly returning, no Amnesia, was able to walk and eat on his own. Sai provided funds to pay the bills too I don’t know how?

There was no looking back from then. Its only Baba in our lives. I would not have been alive to narrate my experience if Sai would not have chosen me .

Please Sai, continue to bless us and the entire Humanity.
Sai sister Dipali ji says:

On this sunday evening, we were watching TV. When suddenly my daughter (8yrs) started shouting that her EYE cannot open and there's something in her eye. In one minute there was panic, she kept crying.

I took her to the bathroom, washed her eye with water, but she could not open her eye, it kept watering. I started doing 'OM SAI RAM' JAAP and put UDI tikka and gave her UDI IN WATER (as a HOLY TIRTH).

I kept telling her to SAY 'OM SAI RAM'. In two minutes, her eye stopped watering, redness disappeared. Seeing her SMILE again was such a relief. I asked her 'Who cured you?' She just said "MY BABA".


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  1. Om Shri Sai.
    Hi All sai devotees.

    This is an experience that gave my life a whole new direction.

    In feb 2010 I wanted to visit shirdi as I wanted to ask baba to give me a better job with a higher package.I was very depressed with the kind of money I was earning with the growth prospects in the current role and the pressure at my workplace. I use to desperatly ask baba to help me on this.

    My train was on the 6th of feb so i thought once i reach back to delhi on the 10th of feb only then i`ll start searching for a better opportunity which baba will create for me.

    And then the following happened.......

    I got a call from the right company with the best possible package for me on the 4th of feb , on the 5th evening (exactly one night before leaving for Shirdi) I gave the interview, got selected, and came home to surprise my wife with it.

    Baba made this happen so my family could lead a good life with no shortage of money.

    I love you BABA.

  2. Very nice experiences especially last one.

    Om Sai Ram.


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