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Sai Baba Settled Our Monetary Issue - Sai Devotee Seema

Sai Baba Settled Our Monetary Issue - Sai Devotee Seema
Sharing with you all experience of Sai sister Seema ji.
Today i want to share my another experience with all of you. Can you please post my experience on your website. Thanks a lot again for posting my experience.
We recently bought two plots (piece of lands). We didn't have enough money to make the payment for both plots. We submitted the payment for one plot in December but didn't have money to submit the another plot payment. Initially, i thought to take a loan from some bank. But when i confirmed about the loan payment from the bank, i got upset as they were charging very high interest. My only hope was our SAI MAA.

The last date of submitting the payment was 21st January, 2010. We asked for money to everyone but no body was ready to help us. We didn't know till 16th January's afternoon that how will we submit the payment for the plot. Suddenly, in the evening SAI JI suggested one person's name to my sister while she was performing SAI JI's pooja. When we called that person to borrow some money to make the payment then he got ready to help us. On sunday, he came to our residence and gave the required money to us. Even after taking that person's help, we were short of some money. On Monday afternoon one lady came to our place and gave the remaining amount to us. Actually that lady has to return our money back to us but we were not sure when we will be getting our money back. We went to the bank and prepared a draft to submit the payment and on tuesday we submitted the payment for the plot i.e. two days before the last date to submit of plot payment. One more thing, we are going to SHIRDI on 19th February and we submitted the payment on 19th January. Exactly one month before our SHIRDI trip. I am sure this couldn't be possible without SAI JI's help. Infact, SAI JI has submitted the plot payment for us.

By this way SAI JI has again helped us. I was sure initially that SAI JI will surely help us but since nothing positive was getting happened, i was loosing my faith on Him. But SAI JI again helped me. For me SAI JI is entire world and i am sure He will never leave us alone. I will share my another experience with all of you very soon.

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