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Sai Always Listens To True Prayer - Sai Devotee Ajit

Sai Always Listens To True Pray - Sai Devotee Ajit
Forwarding herewith experience of Sai brother Ajit ji.
Ajit ji says: Hi to all Sai Baba's devotees. I would like to share my and wife’s experience which took place just recently 2 months back. As a profession i am software engineer working in California, USA. As some must be knowing nowadays there is economy problems going in USA due to recession. I was working for company A for last 4 years. It was all ok till September'09, but in September our company too got hit by recession and they asked majority employees to find new job. At the same time my grandmother in India was not keeping well. She was around 90 years. She was very much attached to me and even i too attached to her a lot. Doctors in India told that my grand mom’s health is not going to improve at this stage and it will continue to be the same. So my mom called me and asked to visit India so that my grand mom can see me. I and my wife was very much tensed after we got these news regarding my granny. But as i lost my job i was out of status of my visa and cannot live USA if I would have I cannot come back.

So i need to find another job very soon through new company and make my visa status active again. There were other hurdles in the way to get job like my passport have got expired at same time, my previous visa stamp was expired and very less calls for interview to get new job. Also one major problem was even though we find new company, sponsoring my visa it takes around 3-4 months to get approved.

So we were tensed it was our critical discussion time either to meet grand mom and leave USA soon (means very thin chances to come back on new visa) OR stay in USA till get new visa but it was risky since that case i could not meet my grand mom. Since i and my wife are both sincere devotees of Sai Baba we always use to pray to make us get new job and go India to meet grand mom. I always used to pray Baba to make my trip to India and make my granny meet us. We
decided to book my ticket to India since i gave priority to meet grand mom compared to this job situation.

With all such tough time, one of my colleague referred one company. I called them immediately and as per Baba's grace they were ready to file my visa. But this was not enough since visa filling takes months to be approved.

Anyways we decided to go with that company put Baba's Udhi to all my documents and send them for approval process under premium. And what a miracle with 5-6 days we got approval notice saying my visa is approved. I and my wife didn’t believe at first after getting the email from attorney’s that visa is approved so fast. We were so happy and thankful to Baba.

Now second part of story which made our faith more strong. All this approval process and job hunt went for almost 2 months mean while my granny had stopped in taking any food. She was just surviving on water for almost 1 and half month and completely on bed rest. My mom and sister used to call and said she is just waiting for me to arrive in India and there is nothing in her body left to be alive. Finally we reached India on 15th November and were able to see my granny and even she looked at us but due to serious health she didn’t spoke any word with us. She was happy to see us there. It was so relief for me to see her. And sadly she passed away on 18th Nov just one day after we were there. She survived just on water for 2 months which was miracle and Baba made us to visit her.

So Baba had helped us in those very tough days to gives us strength and support to face the situation. Also my visa went well and was back to California after a month. This article is dedicated in faith of Shri Sai Baba.


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  1. jab koi nahin aata mere baba aate hain...

  2. Bless all baba....

  3. you are so faithful devotee brother in that hard time. you still keep faith on baba.

  4. you are so faithful devotee brother in that hard time. you still keep faith on baba.


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