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Unforgettable Last Glimpse of Shirdi Sai Baba - Sai Devotee Puneet

Unforgettable Last Glimpse of Shirdi Sai Baba - Sai Devotee Puneet
Few experiences which i receive are sometimes inter-related to one another. While reading other's experiences, the readers find similarity with their own experiences and are encouraged to share their own experiences. Here is such an experience. About one month before an experience of Sai brother Kishor ji was shared as to how he faced shortage of money in Shirdi and was helped by Sai Baba. This experience inspired Sai brother Puneet ji to share his own experience of similar nature.
Puneet ji says : I just finished reading brother Kishor's experience on how he managed to get cash from UTI ATM. It reminded me of my experience when I went to Shirdi first time in June 2009.

It was the first time in June 2009 when I went to Shirdi. Ahhh... such wonderful darshan I got there. In fact, my experience started in the train itself. Just half an hour before when I was about to reach Kopargaon station, I got a call from one of my very good client that why didn't I tell him that I have left for Shirdi. He was so kind to me, that he got me to attend aartis from the front, through VIP entry. I thank him and of course our Deva ji for such wonderful darshan. (Although, I sometimes feel that I should not have used VIP route to take darshan, but then I leave that also to the marzi of Deva ji).

Now coming to my ATM related experience, the evening when I was about to leave, I didn't have any cash. I was on the main road, so I checked the UTI ATM, but (unfortunately) it was out of order. Then I checked another ATM (don't remember which Bank it was..its near to UTI ATM), but it was also not working. Then somebody reminded me of the ATM inside the Samadhi Mandir comlpex. Wow... I simply ran there, not just to take cash, but to have a last glimpse of our master Sai Baba from the window which shows His left side of the face... I got a chance to bow to Him in front of Him once again. Don't we feel like seeing our God again and again number of times?? I now feel that He wanted to say that listen kid, now you are going back doesn't mean that you should forget me.. I am with you, infact have been with you even when you were not aware of it. These small small miracles happen just to multiply our faith on God. (One may also read my first ever experience which I posted on 1st April 2009 on this blog. That time I had not even gone to Shirdi before.)

I want to say one more thing. Some events, good or bad, happen in our lives to change our life completely. Sainath is there to catch us in His arms when we are falling from Mount Everest. Lets all have full faith in Him and never let our attention shift away from Him. We all love you from the core of our hearts Deva. Lastly, I would like to wish everyone, A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

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