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I Was Taken Care by Sai Baba - Experience Of Lara

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Lara says: Om Sai Rama, I would like to share my personal experience with all Sai Ram followers.

I am a simple (the so called "saadhaaran" as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra) bhakt of Shir Sai Baba, and pray to Him daily. I had a beautiful stone statue of Sai Baba, which I used to pray and purposely look at this Feet to get some "spiritual darshan" - Adhyatmik darshan.

One day unfortunately, my one year old son went inside the mandir and pulled down the staute of Baba. When I came back from office I saw that the statue is broken, but to my surprise only Baba's right leg was broken and rest all is good as before. I was really sad and thought how will I see Baba's feet now? How will I have the spiritual darshan?

I was really quite sad and was wondering what Baba wants to say? Did He want me to bring new statue or what else???

Now the main incident begins.

After 6-7 days, on 1st Sept 2009, all of a sudden, I observed black patches in my right eye!!! I could not see and almost 70% of the vision was absent.

I immediately rushed to the doctor, who referred me to hospital for emergency. There the doctors asked me to do various tests, and looked at the condition of the eye. The problem was big as I had some bacteria in the eye and was spreading. (I wondered that was it this that Baba wanted me to tell?). The doctors also said that I have TB symptoms and the condition of eye is serious and the vision could be lost. The news was a big shock to me as I could not believe at all, that I have TB symptoms.

Unfortunately all the TB tests, one after the other, were coming positive, making it confirm that I have developed active TB.

In the mean time I kept praying to Baba, but I and my family were in such condition that there was tension in the house, because with active TB there is risk that the family members can also get it too, especially infants.

"I kept drinking some Udi with water in these days". Before the last test result I offered two coconuts to Baba and prayed for my eye recovery and I should not get TB at all.

When I went to the doctor, he told me that your last test result has come and it has turned out to be positive and thus "confirmed" that I have active TB.

I was like heart broken, that Baba also left me when I needed Him the most. He did not listened to my prayers and was really angry, upset with Baba, and it was Thursday that day and I did not lit any lamp in front of Him. Next day also no prayers. I had no clue why, and how it happened to me and no help from Baba also.

I had been put on very strong medications, called steroids (which I never wanted to swallow) for treatment but with no improvement and then new prescription with other strong side effects medicines for five weeks, which showed little improvement.

As a routine eye checkup I had to see the doctor every week, so on my last visit, few days back, he said that you don't have TB !!! I said how come, on which he replied that full report for your last TB test has come now and its some other bacteria and not TB.

I was surprised as to what is this. It was again Thursday that day and I could not stop smiling as wondering on Baba's Leela. Very amazing.

Now my family is also safe as I don't have any TB and my medication was also cut down to easy and simple ones. There is lot of improvement in my eye now and I have full faith that it will be cured permanently with the grace and Blessing of Sai Baba.

I thank Baba totally from bottom of my heart for helping me in tough times and I pray that I can worship Him more passionately and lovingly, and give me "Shraddha and Saburi" for which I need His blessings.

I also request Baba to bless all His followers and help them.

Jai Sai Naath

Baba Aapko koti koti pranaam

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  1. Shocking experience Lara ji, but oly one thing which i could derivr from your experience is Baba will never leave his children in Bad times for time being we have to pay for our karmas but at the end Its SaiMaa who holds our hand and sets right evry thing

  2. Baba is surely there for us , Om Sai Ram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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