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Sai Satcharitra Parayan Gave Me Job - Sai Devotee Ravi

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Below is experience of Sai brother Ravi ji.


I am Sai Baba follower and till few days earlier I was going through very tough time. Here is my experience which I want to share.

Jai Sri SAIRAM to all Bhaktgan,

Here is my experience. It may look just the matter of job but as they say who has been through it only knows. I am in USA, I was trying for job for more than a year but was not successful and also going through tough time. Life became disappointing. One day, couple months back (beginning of June 2009) my friend told me to do Parayana (Sai Satcharitra reading in 7 days). I looked in google for online versions and I found it easily and waited till Thursday to start, meanwhile I started reading devotees experiences. It really gives a lot of peace and calmness to me that I read it very often from a few websites.

I started Parayana on Thursday, first day of reading went on good. But from second day I can feel the stories from Sai Satcharitra and can visualize them. Tears rolled my eyes while reading and I could relate my present state of mind to it. While reading I could get all the answers to questions I had about me and my life or that arisen during my situation. It was really a memorable experience, reading went on day after day. Every question had its answer coming one after other giving peace and stability to my mind, tears rolling, goosebumps and speechlessness. This is one of the experience that I can share, there were many more during my first (parayana) saptah days and later too, its only now I realise that how BABA takes cares of the one who calls Him humbly, He needs no money, no gift, He only needs pure bhakti (devotion). Mann se yaad karo BABA zaroor sunengay (BABA always listens to pure heart’s call).
I really cannot express how I felt but it took out my frustration that I developed during my joblessness. On 5th day of reading I was informed that I got job for a position which I was interviewed 1 month ago. It was a surprise as they did not reply for more than 2 weeks after interview and i had no hope left on that. Tears rolled my eyes I could not stop but that was not it. There was some background check and some formality before the start date for this job and it was expected to take about 3 weeks.

Three weeks passed, 4th week also passed and I was again tensed and was asking same question to BABA that It was His Ashirwad that I got a job and why is the start date getting delayed but they never got back to me with start date. I was tensed and used to cry every day and speak to BABA that what is this going on. And I could sense only thing that I need to be patient and keep faith (SHRADHA & SABURI). I started parayana again and days passed. It was only SAI BABA that i could continue to be patient and try for job and this time all went well and I got a job and its already been few weeks I am working. BABA cares and BABA loves. Its only our past karma what makes us suffer but BABA's presence and care made me understand some real virtues of life and one thing is for sure faith in HIM will never let you down.

I had some really wonderful experiences during my first saptah (parayana) days and later also but this is it for now, may be i will write about it sometime.

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba
  1. Dear Devotee,

    Hope ur job is going well....m also going thru the same situation as ur's.....i will also start saptah parayan from tomorrow for the same n also for my love.....thanq

  2. Om Sai Ram. Even, i got job after reading Sri Sai Satcharitra. In my room, everyone read Sri Sai Satcharitra and everyone got job. Now, everyone is happy.

  3. Sai baba ... Even I felt the magic of baba ... The second of reading Sri sai satcharith I got my call for joining in the job which have been delayed for more than 8 months ....


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