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Sai Baba Fulfills Devotee’s Innocent Wishes - Experience Of Amit

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Sai Devotee Amit from India says: I would like to share our wonderful experience which we had during our Shridi trip. My wife prayed to Sai Baba and promised that if she deliver second baby a boy, we will visit (first time) to Shirdi. By Baba's grace, we were blessed with a baby boy. We planned our trip to Shirdi in December’08.

We reached Shirdi safely and were standing in queue for Baba darshan. Both myself and my wife were thinking how Prasad will be offered to Baba. As priest was showing sealed packets of Prasad to Baba and returning back to the devotees. We wished if Prasad could be offered to Baba from open packet (although we did not discuss this wish with each other at that time).

We were in front of Baba Samadhi (just 7-8 ft before), suddenly big plastic bag which was carried by me was torn and all Prasad packets fell down. 1-2 Prasad packets also got torn and Prasad was spread to ground (offered to Baba). I collected the Prasad with the help of some devotees. Also since packet was open, my wife was able to offer/kept the Prasad near to Baba Samadhi. Baba fulfilled our wish.

By Baba's grace, I also had some other wonderful experiences which I would share soon.

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  1. I would like to tell a very interesting fact associated with this posting. This was my first experience posting on this website. Earlier I read many devotees experience on this site & saw different baba picture with every devotee experience. I was in a impression pictures need to be submitted by the devotees who share his/her experience. While submitting the experience I was sad & thinking I do not have any scanned or digital how to upload. Hence I submitted my experience as it is (without photo). But baba listen what we say or think.

    Later when I saw my posting I saw Hetalji posted my experience with baba picture in red dress. I was amazed, as this was exactly same and only baba picture (in frame) in my prayer room or house.

    Amit, Singapore

  2. Om Sain Ram...Sai baba meri manokamana ko pura kijiye...mere kasto ko dur kijiye..baba aaj kal main bhut tension main huan , baba please meri vinati sun lijiye aur mere sare kasto ko dur kijiye..baba maine suna huan ki aaj tak aap k darbar se koi v khali haath wapas nhi aaya hai,,main bhi aap k darshan ka abhilashi huan...baba meri vinti sun lijiye aur meri manokamana ko pura kijiye sai ram...

  3. Om Sai Ram..Sai nath meri makokamana ko pura kijiye. main aajkal bahut tension main huan, sai baba please meri sari kasto ko dur kijiye. suna hai ki aaj tak aap ke darbar se koi bhi khali hath wapas nhi aaya hai, baba main bhi aap ke darshan ka abhilashi huan. Sai nath meri manokamana ko pura kijiye aur mere man ki murad ko puri kijiye..jai sai nath

  4. Hello everybody,

    I promised nana that if my wish is granted I will post my story.
    We came to US with a dream to build a life here. Our visa extension went into rfe. The lawyers took 3 months to file it and as I was working on my husband visa , I lost my job. They suspended our licenses and we became confined to our house and have to depend

  5. Hi all I promised baba that I would write out my experience if he granted my wish. My husband and I came to the US with them American dream. we both had jobs and I worked on his

  6. Continuing my story. Our visas had to be renewed. I lost my job. our drivers license were canceled and and we became homebound. Through all of this I prayed to Saibaba

  7. At the last babahelped us. He gave us not only will the asked but so much more. To me he's god, my father, my sole reason for living. I hope he always keeps his hand on my head. He always says that he will keep his word. He did. Thank you.


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