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My Life After Becoming Sai Baba's Disciple - Aniket
We have been witness of Sai Baba's unique ways of pulling His devotees towards Him through many experiences which are shared on this blog. Below one is also of same kind by Sai brother Aniket ji.

My story basically deals about my life after becoming Sai Baba's devotee after my brother got his engineering admission at SANJIVANI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING KOPERGAON, AHMEDNAGAR some 8 years ago.

PRIOR to his admission there we all in our family did not know about Sai baba and His miracles. After counseling my brother got seat there and visited shirdi temple along with my father first in his life. I at that point of time didn't had faith on Sai Baba and i considered His miracles practically impossible.

During my brother's engineering life he visited several times Shirdi. All of my family members got a chance to visit Shirdi except me due to some unavoidable circumstances. I had to face several hardships during that period of time. At that point of time i too was preparing for my engineering entrance exams. I appeared for several exams but failed to clear in current year. The same continued next year also. Then all of my family members adviced me to visit Shirdi and temple along with my brother who too was struggling to get a good job after his engineering degree. So I decided to visit Shirdi. The day when i was on my way to Shirdi was really a memorable one for me. I had to wait for more than 5 hours to see great Sai Baba. It seemed as Sai Baba was taking exam of my patience. I had only a glass of water prior to His DARSHAN but still i was determined to see His Samadhi place. I found it really a nice place and have not been to any such place before.

After my visit to Shirdi I cleared my engineering entrance exam and got good seat by Sai Baba's grace. My brother too got chance to work in TCS. FROM that day i become His devotee and whenever i demanded any kind of help from Him He is ready to serve me anytime be it a small or big one. MANY of my friend feel i am more crazy about Sai Baba and mock. Initially i felt bad but now it do not affect me anymore listening anyone's comments.

He had fulfilled my several dreams. Within two years after joining TCS my brother got chance to work in US. It's all because of SAI BABA. I worship Him and play His Aartis and Bhajans whenever I am in any sort of trouble. I also got sacred Sai Charitra and Udi few months ago from Mr. Anubhav Saini by SAI BABA'S blessings. I had also completed reading whole book. I hope by His grace I will be placed in some good company soon.

I just want to say to all people that have immense faith on Him. Be patient Baba will be ready to serve if you pray from your internal soul. Nothing is impossible for Him. BABA knows everything. WITHOUT His permission nothing is possible and when He allows then only one get a chance to visit sacred place of SHIRDI. HE will make you attract towards Himself irrespective of your religion, caste, rich or poor at some point of time. At present everyone is happy in our family. MY LIFE IS ALL DEVOTED SAI BABA

OM SAI RAM ..............

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