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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Experience - A Father and Daughter
Following is an experience of a father and his daughter with Shirdi Sai Baba. The devotee has not written his name under the mail nor does it appear from the email he sent.

Dear Hetal,

Om Sai Ram! Jai Sai Ram!

Let me thank one and all for showing me this site. Once I started visiting this site it made me go through daily and do some prayers. Sitting very far from homeland I take the pleasure of seeing Sai baba through this site.

I would like to share my experience with Sai Baba. He made me how to realise His omnipresence through many ways.

Me and my daughter believe in Sai baba and I read Sai Satcharitra atleast few lines daily and I feel happy Sai gave me that kind of thought to do that for the day. My daughter staying in a hostel for her studies, I feel only Sai baba is taking care of her. Once I had gone to visit her and after all kinds of fun and routines we started walking in the streets of that area to do a regular shopping and temple visits in that area. Suddenly our topic changed to Sai Baba and my daughter said that somehow or other He will be with us and as such she has not seen any temple of Shirdi sai baba in that area to visit atleast. All parallel roads and neatly constructed township area was that and I was about to take a road that leads to the small temple over there, my daughter was arguing to take another crossroad little ahead and we could reach the temple fast. I just decided to listen to her since I will be spending little more time with her and leave her in the hostel and we went through that cross road. Here came the surprise for both of us. Few steps we took in that road, we saw a board carrying Shirdi Sai Trust and a big SAI BABA photoggraph at the entrance over there. Though the office was closed being lunch time BABA gave us the darshan and my daughter was highly overwhelmed to shout out "Om Sai Ram". This made me happy that Baba is with her and HE will take care of my daughter.

Some days back she was little bit confused and she was telling me that somebody is disturbing her too much without any reason and I could feel the fear that was developing in her. I told her to leave it and concentrate on her studies as studies are important than these kind of unwanted petting things in life. I told her that I will start reading Sai Satcharitra and pray for her and started reading Sai satcharitra (this time Saptagam - Saptah - reading Sai Satcharitra in a week's time). I called her and told her to have Udi after taking bath and continue everyday as exams were going on. Second day during our conversation she said that one of the servant maids came into the room and asked about SAI BABA and asked for UDI and she has given little to that lady.

When she said that I yelled at her and told her not to allow anybody inside the room and invite problems. My daughter was so cool and very truthfully told me, "What is there she only asked about BABA and asked for UDI I told her and gave her little of that" and nothing to worry. Whole night I was praying to Baba to give her full care. Next day morning when I started the SAI SATCHARITRAM there was the line on chapter 20 "Dasganu's problem got solved through Kaka Mahajan's Servant maid". Immediately I got the message and tears rolled down my eyes. Oh my God the servant Maid who entered my daughter's room is nobody else other than BABA Himself. He asked only for UDI and shown His presence there.

Same day evening I called my daughter and told her that happened and made her feel happy that BABA is with her always and verything will be alright and have Faith on him.

Till today i am still in the same thought and same lines comes in my mind repeatedly. Though Shirdi is miles away HE will be with Us always.


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