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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Experience - Simi

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba
Following is not an experience but a dream where Sai Baba comes to rescue His devotee.

Jai Sai Ram,

Wanted to share one of my Expriences with Baba, as below,

About 2 months back, I had a dream wherein I saw I was coming home very late at night from an official outstation trip. It was way past 11 pm and my office bus drops me some distance away from my home. First I think of calling my father to pick me up, but then I decided to take an auto to my home. I tried to stop many autos but none stops, suddenly an auto comes with some bad character people & they start teasing me. I get frightened & start walking fast.

After some time I see one bad character lady following me & trying to take hold of me, I increase my pace & she follows me. Suddenly we reach end of road & she pushes me, I try hard to resist her, but am unable to do same. I call for Sai baba loudly to save me, suddenly 5-6 senior policeman appear there & I am saved, at the same time my eyes drift to the opposite side. I see a small Baba temple on the service Lane. Same time Pujari opens the temple door & LO!! instead of Baba Statue, My Dear Sai Maa is Sitting on his seat in his favorite Pose & smiling & looking lovingly at me, as if assuring me not to fear. After this I suddenly woke up from my dream. Even after 2 months, remembering Baba's smiling face I feel so blessed. I still do not know exact meaning of this dream but feel blessed & extremely delighted to see Sakshat Sai Ma Smiling.


© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba
  1. Hi are very lucky and really blessed..very nice dreamm.. actually all the sai devottess are always lucky really..i even got some what similar kind of dream in which baba is sitting on the stone shaped throne smiling and looking at me blessing me..
    I feel soo ashamed of my self beacuse i never pray to baba properly.. i dont whether i am lucky or unlucky..i love my god so much.. i feel like always praying him nicely.. be devoted to him.. i like to spend time chanting his name cing his photo.. but where i am not able to do all these properly.. i never do all these correctly..what shld i do.. why i dont know..i always get bad thoughts ..
    my mind is not pure .. i am not good at all.. i know..
    but baba is still blessing me .. i am very very happy for that.. but feeling very sorry to i am not able to offer him any prayers even if i want to do..
    i need a solution.. baba i beg you please help me in praying you properly like evry other devottee of yours.. help me sai maa.. help me. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee..
    get me out of this situation.. help me my dear god.. baba .. i kept evrythng upon you.. only you can do this.. only you can help me.. you know evrything..if this bad thoughts wont leave me i am ready to die..
    but i cant stop praying you..
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram..


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