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Devotee Experience - Arti

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Another wonderful and heart touching experience of Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee. What touched my heart, to a great extent, is that the love and affection that a sister has for her brother.

Jai Sai Ram Hetal Patil Ji,

I always wanted to share my experience about Sai Baba. However, some or other problem arose and because of that I dropped the idea of sharing…

1) Today is my Day, my family Day…

I am worshipping Baba since my childhood because SAI Mandir is just next to my house. I am regular visitor of Sai Mandir. However, in my childhood, I never heard of Baba Stories, about his birth to the earth, blessing ... Nothing.. Just worshiping Him as other Gods being in the temple. Slowly and gradually when I started understanding the purpose of GOD then I came to know about SAI BABA.

Usually my friends or relatives visit to Shirdi quite often and it never came to my mind that I also want to go to shirdi. One day I was talking to my colleague in office, she was planning to go to shirdi and somehow I don't know what strike to my mind but I felt jealous and said to baba in the evening " WHY YOU NOT CALLING ME – Kabhi mujhe bhi bula lo" – With in a week my parents close relative asked my mom is "Aarti want to go shirdi with us" . I am not very mixed-up with that family, and suddenly I said YES I want to go. So through this way, my first visit to Shirdi happened by SAI Grace, which was very uncertain, never expected.. He actually called me on my just one request… Thanks to Sai Baba

My trip to shirdi was awesome. Baba gave me khule Darshan and owes me lots of love… Thanks to Sai Baba.

2) Last year June 2007. My younger brother was going to USA for CPL training. We all were very worried being 5 years younger to me, it was hard for us to send him to an unknown country.

Everything was going smooth till Dec 30, 2007. He was enjoying there, suddenly Dec 31, 2007. He met with a major accident and his left hand got operated. Fracture in two bones.

His left hand was already operated when he was 13 years old and again on the same fracture in same bones. My parents were not aware of this, we haven't told them. My dad is very sensitive and cannot bear this. So I have decided not to disclose him. I prayed to Baba to take care of My brother and family. We were just helpless. Dont know what to do....was like completely lost control and then Baba helped us. His friends were the great support and one didi (she was resident of Arizona, USA). They took him to hospital, get him operated… Baba blessed him seriously and supported us .. Thanks to Sai Baba

3) Now, it was been two months, he was sitting ideal & doing nothing there, neither flying nor attending the college… Feb 2008... He was in complete depression and wanted to join and complete the training and come back to INDIA, HOME... But college faculties are not scheduling his flying at all because of so and so reasons.. their own issues.. again we all were very tensed.. My dad was asking him again and again, why you are not flying, what happened.. And we both say because of weather condition he is facing problems or other false reasons.. Dad is also smart enough, he was trying to find out through different ways and means to know whats happening, sometimes with mom, me and brother.. Since he was also worried & he is really attached to him too much…Here My mom was also a big support to my family… she was also praying to MATA RANI AND Baba and all the goddesses.. she was aware of the things…

We prayed to baba, please help us and solve the problems now.. difficult for us to bear now.. Please help and continuously went to Loadhi Sai mandir, decided to go their for 11 days continuously. One day my mom told that we will continuously go till my brother wont come back, He listened to my request and brother started flying… March 2008 ………Thanks to baba

4) Now, this was the time for second exam in the training. He was very scared because his instructor was not good and creating problems. I told my brother to just do your best and believe Babab. You will surely clear the exam on Thursday itself and baba solve the problem and helped us.. Thanks to baba … May 2008

5) June 2008 – The problems also occurred in this month as well, flying was not scheduling, instructor was changing again & again. Every thing was good with his friends and problems were there only for him.. he was very tensed.. As we have taken the loan of Rs 25K and the EMI's was started.. he was worried, how will my dad pay the money .. was worried because of my marriage as well.. Suddenly market is full of words saying NO jobs for pilot.. My family was tensed what will do if he didn't get the job. All problem related to his career coming to our minds…

He was supposed to come back before June 23, 2008 to India. His open flying ticket was valid only for one year. At that stage of time we were unable to buy the ticket because of financial constraints.

Now he was left for just 10 flying to complete the course and we were happy that he will be coming back on 31st July 2008. Everything was done.. everyone was so happy, and suddenly the aircraft stopped working and as per the college authorities, the aircraft is down for at least a month.. or even after repairing then also the chances of completing the course before June 31st was very low… We all were in totally messed situation .. and just shattered.. Showed horoscopes to many places, no one was in our favor.. saying that he will come without completing the course.. JUST LIFE SEEMS OVER..

But I didn't lost my trust – I prayed baba.. and He listened to us.. I was very sure that the craft will came back within a week ... and my brother will complete the course...

In between a miracle also taken place. My parents attend the Aarti of Mata Rani in the morning. One day we all were going to attend the same in the morning. A Black dog followed us till we reach home (he fought with many other dogs in between to enter to our building). My residence is almost 2 km away from mandir..he had milk at our place and left the place silently without harming anyone.

After that all the problems are sorted out and MY bro is back to home on Aug 26,2008.

In this whole, The 9 Thrusday Fasting is also proved to be true. On my 5th Sai Vart, I got a news that my bro is coming back.

He accepted my wish and completed .. today I, my family, my brother we all are together and enjoying life.. Baba helped, saved him from all the miseries… Thanks a million baba…..

I know, the rest of the problems related to job, loan, house, my marriage and all.. Hhe will guide us and solve everything.. Baba Thank you in advance..

Everything .. is here because of you and you only….Jai Sai Ram

Jai Sai Ram.
Jako rakhe saiya maar sake na koi.. Jai Sai Ram
Anant koti barahamand nayak raja dhiraj yogi raj param bharam sri sachidanand maharaj ki jai..

Baba please be with us always.. Thank you baba .. Thank you baba

Aarti Bhasin
Thanks a Million Baba

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