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Sai Baba's Rakhi Gift to Me - Devotee Experience Anchal

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The ways Shirdi Sai Baba pulls His devotees are never known. He is the Doer of everything and the end results also come out of His endless love and care for His devotees. We are first tested and then helped by Him. The following incident of a lady devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba throws more light on this. She herself has given title to her experience as 'Baba's Rakhi Gift to Me!!" but I havent posted the incident with same title just to avoid confusion. Still it will be used as a sub-title here.

Baba's Rakhi Gift to Me!!!

Om Sai Ram

This is the first time that I am posting on this blog. This is about Baba's sweetest miracle in my life, an unexpected happening which I lost all hopes about.

It was in April 2007 that I started worshipping and believing Baba as one of my friends suggested me to do so, to get over all the troubles of life. And my biggest woe at that time was about my love life. This guy with whom I am madly in love since past three years, had refused to marry me right after 20 days he proposed to me. He showed his inability to convince his orthodox family to accept me and that his family doesn't want him to go for a love marriage. Shattered and completely broken, I held on to his love and decided to wait for him. We continued our relationship in the same manner as it should be, between two lovers. Our love for each other was growing day by day and my concern for this relationship was also growing with this. I could never leave him as I can't imagine living without him and he only wanted to continue this relation till he gets married to the girl of his parents' choice, though I refused to marry anybody else. Still he could never dare to even think about marrying me.

It was in April 2007 that a dear friend of mine, a Sai Devotee directed me towards Baba and told me to do the parayan of Sai Charit. Completely unfamiliar about Baba, I read Sai Charit and completed in a week. While reading it, I used to be in tears many times and believed that Baba is the only one who can help me and redefine my destiny. That was the first step I took towards Baba. As Baba has said, you take one step toward me and I will take ten towards you. Since then my patience and faith in Baba was growing and I could see him helping me at every stage of my life, even in small matters. I became an ardent devotee and started believing that no matter what, come what may, but Baba will certainly get me married to the guy I loved. I don't know how Baba will do this but he will….this was my belief…a blind faith.

Though with the advancement of every day, I couldn't even see the light at the end of the tunnel….no signs from his side of marrying me. In fact daily he used to make plans of how we will live without each other after he gets married to some other girl. Every day I used to listen to his talks and stayed calm and quite, without replying back to him or getting annoyed at him….but only believing in My Baba. I held on….only trusting completely in Baba..this was a blind faith in Baba that was propelling me.

In Feb, 2008 he said that he is going out for business trips to Mumbai and Chennai (I am from Delhi) for six months and will not be calling me or talking to me as he wanted to concentrate only on expanding his business…and it may extend to even a year or two years and he may not come back also. Completely in tears, I didn't know what to do…I started praying to Baba as usual and decided to read Sai Charit daily for six months, till he comes back. And asked Baba to please get me married to him after six months or atleast fix it up with him. I started reading Sai Charit daily since then and to my surprise, and by Baba's grace, he came back within a month!!....with all his love. His love grew for me with time all by Baba's grace.

In July this year he went with all his family to Shirdi and I just prayed to Baba that please Sainath…speak to him and his family regarding our marriage, as a father does for his daughter. And this incident happened almost 20 days after they returned from Shirdi.

It was this 15th August (2008). I was out with him. And as we were returning home his bhaiya called him that he must reach home early. So he dropped me half way and I traveled via metro to my place. I took a rickshaw from metro station to my home. It was around 9 pm and roads were deserted due to Independence Day. A bunch of boys followed me and tried to misbehave, one of them did try to attack me also. I was too scared to react. I immediately called him and he felt sorry for not being with me at that hour of night and not dropping me back home. The very same night his dad came upto him and told him to leave for Chennai on 18th and stay there for business purposes for atleast a year. I was already too scared because of this incident and when he told me that he will be going to Chennai for a year and will not be talking to mean in the meanwhile I was all the more tensed.

Next morning, it was Rakhi, and I was doing my pooja and reading Sai Charit as usual. Suddenly this thought striked my mind that I should tie Rakhi to Baba today. The moment I thought this, almost at the same moment my phone rang up….it was him….and he said what I wasn't expecting even in dreams….he said that he will talk to his dad about our marriage…and will try his level best to marry me after he returns from his Chennai trip. He was too scared after last night's incident and feared to loose me…it was a miracle..a true miracle of My Baba…what I have been asking for..for the past three years..Baba granted my wish… It was truly Baba's Rakhi gift to me….I was speechless and in tears, looking at Baba's picture in gratitude….I sincerely believe that faith and patience are the two means of getting close to Baba….this is the biggest miracle of Baba in my life. As prayed by me to Baba, this miracle happened right after six months…!!!! Thank u Baba, Thank u so much...u know I can never express my gratitude to you in words..You are my lifeline Baba…please be with me at every step and let me rest at you lotus feet for ever…

I know Baba has fixed our marriage and he will make it happen soon….defying all odds and difficulties. Please Baba make his family understand how much we love each other and can't survive without each other. I truly believe…please Sai Nath I just pray to you and wish to get me married to him soon….and remove all obstacles in between, we are trying our level best...but you are the only one do to anything and make us do anything…please help us Sai Nath….Om Sainathaya Namah.

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  2. May sainath bless you with all the happiness and success in your married life with your beloved. Om Sai Ram, Jai Sita Ram!!

  3. hey am curious to know whether ur married by now by baba's grace let him bless u both with a happy life together

    om sai ram


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