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Devotee Experience - Two Friends

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As hinted in the last post, I am posting the experience of Satish and his friend which is very touching.

I would like to share my experience with all of you. Please take some time to read it, because it’s going to be too lengthy. I am big time devotee of Sai baba. Please believe in Sai and all your problems will vanish. Start believing in him and you will find miracles happening in your life, you will get peace and happiness. I started believing in him only from past 1 year that too from one of my friend. Earlier I never used to believe in him. After believing in Sai my life is totally changed. I would like to tell all of you my experience.

I have a very good friend by the name Sitara, we are both very good friends. I know her from past 15 months. We both were working for same organization. I was not so close with her in the beginning but since 4 months or so I am very close with her, after my parents the next important person in my life is Sitara. She is a true friend of mine. She was a perfect atheist. She never believed in god. She believed but not much and Sai baba --- she never believed. So I decided I will make her Sai devotee. I stated speaking about Sai in front of her. I used to give her Sai photos and cds regularly but she never bothered to all that. But I did not lose hopes, I had decided I will make her Sai devotee. She used to tell all her problems with me since we were very close. She always used to treat me as her small brother.Her native is in Calicut and marriage proposals were coming for her, but she was not interested in any of them. Just a month back she went for a family marriage and there she saw a guy. His name is Nitin. She liked him so much. After coming to Bangalore she told me that she saw a guy and she likes him a lot. I was so excited and happy. Sitara and Nitin started speaking with each other and entered into a relationship. They both were family friends so they knew each other but were not that close. Now Nitin went and told his parents that he likes Sitara. But his parents did not agree for this. They were strongly opposing.Next day (it was Tuesday) , she came to me and told that Nitin’s parents are not agreeing, she was very upset and I was also upset because she liked that guy so much. She told me once that she will not marry anyone except Nitin.I told her not to be upset and believe in Sai. I told her believe in Sai and all your worries will vanish. I had given her Sai Satcharitra long ago but she never studied that. So I told her to read this book and pray to Sai. She really prayed Sai and started reading that book. Earlier I always used to call her for Sai temple but she was not interested as she did not believe in Sai. All this happened on Tuesday and I took her to Sai baba temple on Thursday. She prayed to Sai with true heart, she was about to cry after looking Sai idol inside temple. The same day Nitin also visited Sai temple in Calicut(Kerala), he also prayed Sai with true heart. The very next day Sitara came to me and told that Nitin parents have agreed for the marriage. I was so happy and excited. Without Sai blessings this was not at all possible, both their parents agreed for the marriage and fixed engagement dates. All this happened only in few days. Nitin’s parents were not agreeing on Tuesday and on Thursday they agreed...isn't that amazing????? And Nitin’s parents are also devotees of Sai baba. Now Sitara believes in Sai. It took me 2 months to make her believe in SAI, so please dear people please start telling about Sai to all your friends. Tell them everything about Sai and make them believe in Sai. Don’t ever lose. It’s difficult but never lose hopes. Now Sitara is very happy and her engagement was on 27th June. It’s unbelievable how things got changed drastically. One fine day went I was outside, suddenly a thought came into my mind, some one was asking Dakshina from me, some one was telling me, "Now that Sitara problem is resolved were is my Dakshina"? I want 1 rupee," it was none other that SAI. Next moment I called Sitara and asked her to keep 1 rupee in front of Sai photo . I had prayed Sai that if Sitara and Nitin unite together, I will come to his temple by walk. Its 15 kms from my place to Sai temple. I went to Sai temple by walk with that 1 rupee. I started by 4 in the evening and reached for evening Aarthi (06:00pm), I offered 1 rupee in hundi and came back...Please believe in Sai...he will surely help you. I will always be indebted to SAI because he helped my friend whatever she wanted. Now Sitara’s parents and Nitin’s parents both believe in SAI BABA....I feel really relaxed and happy that I made all of them realize the greatness of SAI. Rest of my life I will always tell people about Sai....never ever hurt someone and always help others and SAI will help you....believe in SAI and all your worries are gone, after believing in Sai all my problems are solved. Never ever ask anything for yourself to SAI, because SAI knows what you want and what u don’t want, and He will give you all the happiness........................

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  1. Thanks Satish for sharing this wonderful experience! Jai Sairam.

  2. Sairam Satish, you have indeed shared a leela of Sai. Who can understand his chamatkars?
    Thanks to Hetal, for posting such experiences and making people to believe in Baba.

  3. jai sai ram,he is universal,sabka maalik ek,


  5. Right now am facing troubles in life but after reading these experiences i feel really very hopeful. Thanks to hetal for posting such miraculous experiences of our Sai babaji

  6. Sai Ramji Divyaji,

    I agree that such experiences bring faith and courage in us to face difficult situations.

    You are most welcome :) Do keep visiting.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  7. My best wishes for the couple and lots of applauses for Satish.

  8. Om Sai Ram !!

  9. OM SAI SHREE SAI JAI JAI SAI BABA please protect me


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