Sunday, August 10, 2008

Devotee Experience - Sara

Again this write up has been sent by Sai Brother Satish. I thank him with my deep heart for sharing such wonderful experiences with us.

I would also like to tell you about another sai devotee, her name is SARA, She is from IRAN.

Sara is Sitara's Friend and Sitara introduced her to me few months back. We were just talking on some matters and suddenly Sai Baba topic came up. She asked me about Sai Baba, I sensed that she wants to know about Sai Baba. I took this as a challenge and decided that I will make her Sai devotee. It’s really difficult for someone who is not from India to make them believe in Sai Baba, but with Sai Baba’s wishes everything is possible. I told her everything about Sai Baba and His Leela. I gave her Sai Baba CD and made her watch that.

She liked that so much and thanked me for that. Sara was basically from IRAN but she had come to Bangalore to do her engineering. As her exams were about to begin she asked me to pray Sai Baba for her. I prayed for her. She is very sensitive and emotional girl and was really tensed for her exams. I used to tell her always to believe in Sai and have faith in Him. She wrote her exams and returned to IRAN. Before leaving she asked me to pray to Sai Baba.

She went to IRAN on 11th July and after reaching he told me she was much tensed as results were going to be announced next week, i.e. on 20th of July. I told her to pray to Sai Baba and have faith in Him. I told her to pray sai baba on 18th July (GURU POORNIMA) as it was very auspicious day for sai baba.

She called me last week and told me that her results are out and she passed in first class. She couldn’t believe that she got first class. She could not imagine herself getting first class as she was average student. She told me she was surprised to see the marks which she got which she never expected.

She told me it was because of Sai Baba that she got so many marks. She thanked me for praying for her. She told this to her parents also. Now her engineering is over and she believes in Sai Baba.

So I appeal to all the Sai Devotees to tell the wonderful Leela of Sai Baba to everyone. If anyone is showing at least 1% interest in Sai Baba, rest 99% we have to do our job as we believe in Sai and we have to do our duty.

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