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Devotee Experience - Ramkumar

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Devotees now a days are just dropping in lines regarding their experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba. Here is yet another in incident where Shirdi Sai Baba has showered His grace on His devotee immensely.

Every single experience that has been posted in your blog is wonderful and shows how our Lord Sainath pulls the strings and takes care of His children. I too have numerous experiences which I would like to share with other devotees. If you could please post it in your blog at your earliest convenience, we would be really grateful to you.

I have been drawn to Sai since 2000. Though I had known about Sai before, i was not very attracted then. As He says, one's chance and time has to come to be drawn to Him. After that, I have had numerous experiences and I wish to narrate a few of them. Now, He is our all and whatever comes in our way is destined by Him. We are very fortunate to have got an opportunity in this birth to be drawn to His feet. Some of them might be materialistic and some spiritual, but He is the wire puller and everything occurs as per His bidding. About an year back, we had signed for a new home contract and for some reason, the home that was supposed to be delivered in October 2007 got delayed. We were living in a rented apartment and by Baba's grace, we were able to get a good accommodation for a temporary period as the apartment in which we were living had the lease expired and we were hesitant to sign a new lease as we were not sure when our new home would be delivered by the builder. We might get into a situation where we would have to break the lease and pay heft penalties. Meanwhile, home prices in the US started to decline and the value of the home that we had signed the contract for also started to decline and we were upset very much. Baba gave us 3 different opportunities to come out of the contract without incurring loss, but ignorant folks as we are, we overlooked them. I started to get content with my lot but my wife was constantly worrying about the loss and praying to Baba to save us. Just before we were about to leave on vacation to India last November for my brother's marriage, the builder had a big inventory sale in which they were trying to sell off completed houses which were in the market for a while without any buyers. We were even more upset as the homes that they were trying to sell were much bigger homes than the one we bought but at a lower price than that we paid! We asked the builder if he would allow us to void our earlier contract (remember, if we walk out of the contract, then we lose all the deposit money which is a huge amount!) and switch over to the bigger model without any penalties. we did not have any hope of this materializing at all as the builder would stand to lose by doing so. We just kept praying to Sai and we were delighted that evening when we heard from the builder was willing to do so albeit with a premium. I parleyed with the sales agent to atleast allow us to switch the lots for the same price we had agreed earlier lest alone the lower price he had advertised it for. After much hesitation, they agreed to our request and said I was really lucky to have got it. We knew that it is all Baba's Hand working behind the scenes to protect us. All this happened within a span of a day and just before we were about to leave to India on vacation. If the news of the sale had come an hour later also, we would have lost a good opportunity. The irony is that the lot number of the home we signed for earlier was 105 and the new lot was 150 and even the upgrades inside were more or less the same that we had chose in our earlier contract. We successfully conducted the house warming also and true to His words, Baba attended the function in the form of his portrait which came to our new home just a day before the grahapravesam. Again that is yet another miracle. In December last year, we received email from the Shirdi Sai temple in Hamshire Illinois that devotees interested in getting the free new year calendar for 2008 with rare pictures of Baba can do so by sending a request to them. we had requested that we be sent the monthly calendar and had given our new home address for the delivery. From the Sai Vichar new letter put up by the website of that temple, we learned that the calendars were dispatched to requesters beginning in the last week of December. However, we didn't receive the calendar even after 20 days and we lost all hope of getting it as it was a first come first served basis and thought they would have run out of the calendar . But to our delight, the calendar just came a day before the Grahapravesam. Again, Baba blessed us very soon as we found that we are expecting a Baby girl in October this year. It is all His wish and we have a desire to keep "Sai" as a part of her name. In this past march, my wife faced a crisis in her current job as they had shifted to a new location and it was far away from our new home and commute would take a long time due to heavy traffic delays. Given that she is pregnant, she couldn't afford to travel that long. However, Baba came to our rescue again by granting her a job in the same company that I work too and also with a good pay and relaxed job responsibilities which were a blessing at the right time. Not only that, she was to go for a drug test prior to her joining date and just before the date of the test, she ate a dish containing Khus Khus (Poppy seeds) unknowingly and we were worried when we found that they were known to cause false positive results for the drugs. We prayed to Baba fervently and fortunately, by His blessing she got through without any issues. Again, this month, we had the traditional function that we conduct in our family for the first pregnancy (called seemantham - sort of a hindu baby shower) and it was done on a Thursday with friends and priests. Unexpectedly, on that day, a friend us who is also a Sai devotee, gave us the Guru Charitra book as a prasad, She had been contemplating what special gift she can give to us apart from the baby items and finally decided to give this. The true miracle in this case, is that I had nurtured a desire to read the Guru Charitra book for quite some time now and was trying to get the book. It was as if Baba Himself sent me the book and commanded me to begin reading it, all happening on a Thursday. I am yet to start the parayan as of this writing and apologize to Baba for the delay and will begin it soon. We do have a daily desktop calendar with Baba's saying (courtesy of the Shirdi Sai Mandir in Hampshire, Illinois which sent us the 2008 calendar also) and every day we used to turn the page for that day. One interesting thing is that whatever questions we have, Baba gives crystal clear answers through His sayings. Not only it, if we do commit any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, Baba does admonish us bluntly through His sayings in the calendar. I have been suffering from a few medical conditions and am in fear constantly, but have surrendered to Baba to protect us all every single moment knowing that His Udi is the best of all medicines and trust it more than the allopathic medicines I am taking. I know it is all due to my karma either in my past life or present life that I am suffering, but as He says one has to suffer for it to redeem it. Whatever happens is destined by our Beloved Lord Sainath and being an ignorant soul, I know I have committed many mistakes knowingly and unknowingly and keep doing them on many occasions, but i beg at His Lotus Feet to forgive me for them and not to abandon us but guide us always. I do have numerous other experiences to share which i reserve for a later post.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu.

Jai Sairam Ramkumar

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