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Devotee Experience - C.Saibaba

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This experience of Sai Devotee C.Saibaba was totally unexpected to be posted. Another post of Shri Sai Sahastra Namavali with its English translation was scheduled to be posted today and was working on it. But when I received mail from this devotee, I left it half way considering wish of Shirdi Sai Baba and forwarding this one for you all.
My dear Hetal!

You are indeed doing a yeoman service to Sai devotees. Though my parents named me as Saibaba, I seldom visited Sai Temples in my life. My visits to Sai Temples all my life time were nothing but just casual. I am 54 now. I am working in Railways at Puri in Orissa as Head Quarters. Since 2004 I have been in severe distress both officially, personally and financially. This was because of my own sins and mistakes.

I was at my work place during one afternoon at Puri in May last. As it was lunch time, I was going to hotel to have a lunch. I couldn't notice a tall man in early 50s with white Punjabi dress crossed me till he called me 'Sai, would you please give me Rs. 20/'. I was little taken aback as I never saw this man and even surprised to note he called me with my name. My friends and close relations call me Sai. As I was not carrying my wallet, I asked the man to accompany to my office for giving him the amount and he followed me. I gave him Rs. 20, he kept it in the book that he was carrying and before taking leave from him I asked him how could he know my name. He replied that ' he was from Shirdi and for him everyone is Sai'. Little sarcastic about his reply, I was taking leave and to my surprise he gave me back that Rs. 20/ which I had given him with a Rudraksha saying 'Sai you are in distress now, I would take this money from you when you are ok and I would visit your home'. I asked him how he could he know my home. He said 'Sai is there and he will show the way'. He further advised me to buy ingredients with the amount for preparing Payasam and serve it to a Black Cow on three consecutive Thursdays of June 2007.

Though I dont have belief in it, I had discussed this with my family and my younger brother, who is staunch disciple of Satya Saibaba gave me 'Sai Satcharitra' Telugu Version saying that 'you read so many books, but read this and would you understand the ways of Saibaba'. I read it once and twice and so on. I prepared Payasam on 1st Thursday and keeping it in a Banana leaf I started searching for a Black Cow, but could not find for one or two hours and I was blaming myself for believing an unknown person. Lo. White Cow appeared at the entrance of my home. My daughter shouted and said 'dad its Black Cow that you are searching'. Immediately tears rolling down my eyes I served the Payasam to Black Cow and to my surprise the same Cow appeared three consecutive weeks at my house at the same time. In the meantime I continued reading Sai Satcharitra.

Now I was pulled to Saipath by Him only. He kept His words 'Be there at the other end of seven seas, I would pull them to my path anyway'.

Now He is my everything. My Guide, My Philosopher and My Life and My Light.

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  1. Wonderful Post.. May Baba bless all..

  2. Very blissful experience.

  3. Sairam help me to unlock my pain stop myanger and aggressions.


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