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Sai Baba’s Guru : Guru Gopalrao Keshavraj Babasaheb Maharaj (Part 3)

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Dear readers, before proceeding further, please read Part 1 and Part 2 of the topic, as the said write up is continuation of these topics.

On the other side, Gopalrao Maharaj also came to know the reason behind the attack which was the feeling of hatred towards the boy. He knew that in future also, people may try to kill his disciple. Moreover due to severe injuries on his head, Gopalrao Maharaj realised that he was nearing his end. Now a question that, “What would happen to my disciple after my death?” aroused in his mind. He called his disciple and said, “Today I am giving you everything. Now we have to should show those people what we are. Go and fetch milk of an unfertile cow.”

Getting his Guru’s order the boy went running to a cow herd named Hulla and decided to fetch milk from an unfertile cow named Kapila. Just then the cow herd said, “This cow is unfertile and till today I have taken care of it as an ox.” Hulla now went to Gopalrao Maharaj, folded his both hands, fell at Gopalrao Maharaj’s feet and said, “Maharaj how can this cow give milk. It has not given milk since 10 years. To confirm this, I have brought it here specially.”

Hearing cow herd’s words, Gopalrao Maharaj said, “You are a fool. You could not recognize this cow’s worth. Just go and get a vessel. I will fetch the milk and show you.” Firstly Gopalrao Maharaj took the vessel in his hand. Then he placed his hand on the cow’s back and lo! The milk started oozing. Everyone present there was surprised to see the act of Gopalrao Maharaj. The cow who had never given a single drop of milk, gave three litres of milk that day.

Gopalrao Maharaj now went to the boy. He said, “Son you drink this milk now. After drinking the milk, you will get all the knowledge. These three litres of milk means Karma, Gyan and Bhakti”. The boy drank the milk. Gopalrao Maharaj then hugged the boy and said, “You are Kabir of previous birth, don’t forget that. In your previous birth, I have given your wife to a Vaniya to care of your children. Now you have to follow Brahmacharya. You did many bhajans in your past birth, so in this birth you will have to follow silence (मौन व्रत, a fast which is observed by not speaking a single word). You have to live at only one place and do the good of the people nearby”. After giving Upadesh in this way, Gopalrao Maharaj untied the cloth which was tied on the wound on his head and tied it the boy’s head in the same fashion as a Fakir ties. They all now left for Selu.
Due to wound on the head, Gopalrao Maharaj breathed his last. The exact date is not known. But as per Dasganu’s book it was the eleventh day of Magasar month as per Hindu calendar. It is said that Sai Baba was of 20 years at that time.

The Samadhi of Gopalrao Maharaj was built in Selu. An idol of Lord Venkatesh is placed on it. A Peepal tree was grown besides the Samadhi. Many devotees come for darshan of the Samadhi regularly and specially on Friday. Seventh generation of Gopalrao Maharaj is now living in Selu and every year a big fair is organized there.

The boy was shocked because of death of his guru Gopalrao Maharaj. This boy then became a great saint named Sai Baba. The guilt that He was responsible for the death of His own guru got settled in His mind. So He avoided saying anything about his guru to anyone. Now one can understand why Sai Baba never mention anything to anyone about His guru.

Source : Translated from a Gujarati Magazine Dwarkamai

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