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Devotee Experience - Dimple


I received a mail from Sai Devotee named Dimple. I am copy pasting it for you all.

Here it goes...........
Hi, Sai baba has been with me all the time whenever I have called for him. Last year my mom was sick and the doctor said she has to be operated but her heamoglobin was at 8 and the doctor said they can't operate her till the heamoglobin reaches minimum 11 to 13. I prayed to sai baba and sai gave me everything. I have ever asked for this time too on Thursday my brother called and told me that mom is fine and her heamoglobin is at 13 within a week and Thursday was the day she was successfully operated. Sai baba of shirdi is my father, my mother, my brother....infact my everything he has made my dreams come true and showed me that he really takes care of his devotees no matter how far they live from shirdi.

Jai sai ram.
Sai devotee Dimple


  1. Very Nice to Hear that poonam & thanks for sharing your exprience,

    my sai baba is grate

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Om Sai Ram !!

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