Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Experience of Shirdi Sai Baba during Diwali in Shirdi

This year (October 9, 2007) I and my family went to Shirdi along with my cousin to celebrate Diwali. The following incident took place. Somebody had told us that we should not deny any beggar and give them whatever they wanted as Sai Baba would come to us in any form. So we all took about 100-200 rs. coins with us and gave to each and every beggar who asked for and also to those who did not ask. It was the departure day and very few hours were left for us to leave. After having lunch in Prasadalay, we went to Dwarkamai and spent sometime there. We all were thirsty and so we asked for mineral water in some shops nearby. But we didnt get it. So we proceeded further. While walking we came to a shop and asked for water. There was no crowd in that lane even though it was Diwali time and Shirdi was much crowded. We got it. Soon we saw a Fakir Baba standing behind us. We didnt know from which side he came but just saw him. I was ready to give him money as I was standing downstairs. But he said that he wanted Biscuits. My mother readily purchased biscuits as we didnt had them and gave him. He went away as soon as we gave him biscuit packet. After few days I thought that all the beggars asked for money and that Fakir Baba asked for biscuits and he clarified that he only wanted biscuits. Sai Baba used to make clear His points and also the Fakir Baba did so, thereby making us realise that He was none other than Sai Baba.
  1. yes you got darshan of Baba.

    Om Sai Ram.

  2. Dear hetal didi,
    It would have been really surprising and amazing for you to have seen baba in that form..i would also like to share something like that with you that happened with me last week..i and some other boys whom i dont know were walking by the road side and suddenly an old man came from behind pulling a big cart with many sacks of rice on it..i have never seen any such carts on road before..also he was very old to pull such heavy load..but he looked very much same as baba..he had the same kind of white beard..clothes..also he tied some cloth on his head..he then asked us to help him pull the cart..we all did so..but afterwards the boys said they are going the other way and they i told him that i would help him..and so he pulled it from front and i started to push it from backside..but it was really heavy and i really could not understand how was he pulling it all alone before..again when i asked him if i was doing it properly...he did not say i just kept on pushing it as much as i could with all my strength for some time..then he himself took the cart to the side of the road and put it down..i was really hoping for him to say something to me..but he i just looked at him once more and started walking..but i felt bad that i had done something wrong..thats why he didnt talk to me..also i had this strong feeling that it was baba himself who came in form of this old man..that made me even more upset..but really you know where i was going to..a sai baba temple nearby..

  3. my dear hetal didi..thank you so so...much, i truly had this feeling that i would see this comment on your post before i go to i didnt shut down my computer and went to have my dinner..and when i came back..i saw the comment..i really feel blessed..iam actually starting my nav guruvar vrat from tomorrow..for some very special reason..i really feel you blessed me in this way..

    om sai..shri sai..jai jai sai..


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